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11 tips to improve warehouse security

Warehouse security services – 11 tips to improve the quality of security

The use of Warehouse Security systems and logistics can be daunting for anyone outside the industry.

Consider anything from:

  • theft prevention,
  • access control,
  • surveillance of areas,
  • fire prevention,
  • data security.

Warehouse Security is difficult and the increase in crime is often overwhelming. In crisis situations (epidemics, wars, social conflicts, etc.) are accompanied by increased crime, especially theft and violence.
Because law enforcement is busy imposing quarantine measures and those provided for in military ordinances, it is possible to increase the number of thefts.

Not being a singular case during this period, another example is a burglary at a pesticide depot in Birmingham.
We’ve put together a few different methods you can use to start securing your deposit quickly.

We will start with some practical tips:

1) Do not rely entirely on manual data entry practices

Given the advanced technology we have, we recommend replacing manual entry practices with computers or scanners. According to the technology available today, it is essential to use mobile computers:

  • with barcode scanners,
  • readers at the warehouse of a warehouse to immediately identify the products on arrival.

Manual data entry takes too long.
Barcode scanners and readers eliminate almost all errors associated with manual reception, including identification, counting, and data entry errors.

2) Have an emergency response plan

This plan should include provisions

  • for emergency exits and evacuation procedures;
  • accounting procedures for all employees and visitors;
  • location of fire extinguishers and other emergency equipment.

The employer has the obligation to provide employees with an evacuation plan, with the steps to be followed in case of emergency.
An automatic shutdown of equipment is required for the prevention and protection of employees.
The employer must carry out regular checks on the equipment necessary to protect workers in the event of an accident at work.
In the warehouse they need a shutdown / disconnection program to prevent accidental supply of equipment, which can lead to employee injuries.
Warehouse employees must also be prepared for the proper selection, use and maintenance of equipment.

3) Communicate efficiently and often

Clear communication of organizational objectives and the processes needed to achieve them is the key to effective collaboration. When managers fail to create an effective communication environment, employee productivity suffers, leading to a waste of resources. Therefore, the employer must create a conducive work environment through which to stimulate employee productivity in order to improve production.

4) The use of motion sensors increases the security of the warehouse

Motion detection is the backbone of the security system. An essential element that helps us in the prevention against thieves is the use of motion detectors. Motion detection is a central part of most security systems, although sometimes the stops stop when the lighting is activated in motion.
It is the feature that can detect if someone is in your warehouse when they should not be. It sends a signal to the security system control panel, which will then go to a central monitoring point.
A professional security system provider will have a central monitoring point that works 24 hours a day, making sure your warehouse is always protected.

5) Use perimeter protection for warehouse security

Perimeter protection is an extremely important aspect of warehouse security, especially if the warehouse has a large surrounding area. The larger the yard, the more vulnerable your warehouse is, and the harder the entry points are.

There are professional security aspects that can solve these problems: CCTV cameras, product verification and scanning systems, facial detection through intercoms, door protection – are key elements of an optimal Warehouse Security System.

6) Video CCTV cameras, strengths to increase the security of the warehouse

For small deposits, this can be a relatively quick action. All you need is a socket and internet access in the warehouse.
Connected to a mobile application, you can see real-time images and store information if you need to call the police.
They are an excellent tool for protecting the assets, the car fleet that arrives at the warehouse as well as its staff.

7) Use remote notification technology

Whether you want to protect the outside of your Warehouse or secure high-traffic areas, security professionals offer remote notifications that go directly to your smartphone or email.

The use of security systems, especially those that allow Remote CCTV and warning, helps you to control any unforeseen situation.

Whether you are at home on the couch or at the grocery store, you can check the security of the warehouse from anywhere.

8) Integrate access control into the warehouse security plan

Electronic warehouse access control technology is ideal for allowing and restricting access to secure premises.
With a professional access control plan, only people with permission can enter the warehouse premises.
Access control systems can be integrated into a number of other security solutions for maximum efficiency.
With an electronic access control system in place, access to secure storage areas can be easily controlled.

9) Integrate environmental control into the security plan

Process and environmental monitoring are crucial for maximum protection of sensitive materials and operations. Environmental monitoring serves two very important purposes for landfills can be saving lives in times of emergency and it can also increase operational efficiency and control costs.

Whether you have an office that needs air conditioning, heating systems needed to maintain the temperature or a critical cold room, environmental control can give you extra peace of mind.

It can also track occupancy, pressure, pollution, floods and alert you to changes in any of these categories.

10) Test your system regularly

It is important to test your Security System regularly to make sure everything is working properly. The last thing a business owner wants is an investment that he pays not to provide security. Most professional security companies recommend weekly testing of the alarm system. With regard to the daily maintenance of the system, there should be no concern as long as the system is properly designed.

11) Security-services-for-warehouses-elnet-security-security-warehouses – Hire security staff and inform your employees

Understanding the threats you face requires understanding the team in the repository. It is best to start by understanding what you need and where any problems are heading. To complete the security of the warehouse, it’s time to hire a professional Security Company.

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