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Why is Airport Security Important?

Before 1960’s, airport security wasn’t a big issue and was not strict. After issues revolving around
high jacking and terrorist attacks that took place airports have made sure that their security systems
are watertight in order to make it harder for criminals.

Frequent issues airports have to deal with
include arson, vandalism, theft, drug smuggling, and so on. Airports have a huge responsibility to
make sure all operations run according to the prevailing regulations and laws. Drugs trafficking went
up very quickly once smugglers started using airplanes but modern day airport security measures
have helped to catch the people responsible.

Security guard frisk passengers standing in queue
Security guard standing under the scanning door

First Reason

High jacking’s of various airplanes was a wakeup call for authorities to have serious security
measures in place. Things are different now. It is difficult to get through airport security even with a
bottle of water. These tough security measures have helped airlines avoid potential terrorist threats.
Firecore Secure offers unique and professional services to make tracing criminals easier, as well as
making it difficult for criminals to cause harm in the first place. Our biometric access control system
is commonly used to allow authorised staff access to sensitive areas such as air traffic control rooms.
This product enables authorised staff entry and denies entry for all unauthorised individuals by
verifying facial or biometric data. Our system is a safe and cost-effective method to guard sensitive
areas. Firecore Secure provides CCTV access control systems and professional k9 security units that
patrol around all requested premises to ensure everybody’s safety.

Second Reason

As drug smuggling is becoming more and more common FCS provide airports with Full-body
scanners which can detect any substances and all narcotics Full-body scanners are used to detect
threatening items such as weapons, explosives, and drugs under multiple layers of clothing’s or
hidden any area of the individual.

Third Reason

Protecting passengers and staff inside an airport is extremely vital. Without our static security guards
airports would be vulnerable of threat and danger. With the advancement in technology, airports
are now taking the help of modern tools and machines to stop potential threats and make air travel
safer. Firecore Secure provides complete security solutions managed by our dedicated team that
protect your business 24 hours 365 days a year. Our security officers are trained and experienced in
deterring unwanted behaviour and do not let anything go unnoticed.

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