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4 reasons to choose a security company for your store

It often happens to see how an increasing number of stores close. This is due in part to the economic climate, which, accompanied by poor management, leads these stores to a low turnover. Recent statistics show that it is not just a decline in money spent on the entire sector that is to blame for the decline in turnover. And theft continues to affect the ability to keep stores profitable and provide the best customer service. Here we are talking on the one hand about the theft from the outside, but also from the theft committed by our own employees, which, many times, ends up surpassing the external one.

The economic uncertainties of the past but also of the present have created a constant pressure on the traders who have been forced to reduce their expenses. Most have chosen, unfortunately, to give up the security companies they collaborated with or to choose other cheaper solutions to ensure their protection. Although this solution was meant to optimize spending, in reality, the reduction in the budget allocated to security has led to a significant increase in both external and internal theft, and this will continue to grow until a new and efficient solution is adopted. security.

The damage caused by the thefts is growing alarmingly compared to previous years. However, it is considered that this is a higher figure than in the statistics because many traders choose not to file a complaint due to the winding process and the loss of time.

Given the growing number of traders facing this problem, the need for an effective security system that must be put into practice is vital. That is if you want to “survive” in the economic environment. So, we thought we would list just a few advantages that you will have if you choose to take advantage of the security services that Firecore Secure provides.

Loss prevention

Whether you need security guards or mobile patrols for multiple points of sale, we can offer you complete services in this direction. Our agents are trained in this regard, ensuring that they will work proactively with you to ensure that you do not fall prey to criminals. You can choose security agents dressed in specific uniforms for greater impact or even discreetly dressed (as well as present) who will be useful when you want to protect yourself from theft by your own employees. We have the optimal solution when it comes to protecting your store

Impartial staff member

When it comes to dealing with a situation with your employees, it can often be difficult for you to make the right decision, due to the relationship you already have with them. By hiring a security guard, you can take advantage of an impartial staff member who will make sure that deserving people are properly punished for their actions.

Liaison with the authorities

We understand that you do not have the time or willingness to get involved in solving every security problem, so we will do it for you. As experts in this field of private security, we will work with all the necessary authorities so that, when we identify a person who has committed a theft, you do not have to waste your time with unnecessary statements and roads.

Help and assistance

As a way to better integrate into your business, our security agents can offer customers any assistance so that they can improve their shopping experience. Welcoming buyers with a warm smile, our security agents are more than happy to be the first point of interaction for any questions your customers may have.

The solution

We offer impartial consulting to ensure that we can offer you the optimal solution for your business. Choose to work with the best in the field. Choose to collaborate with Firecore Secure

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