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5 signs that you need a new security guard for your office

5 signs that you need a new security guard for your office

The physical security of people is important, either in corporate facilities or in residential complexes. Small or large, all businesses must have a security guard to address issues related to employee safety, theft, security of important documents, and emergency management. A security guard offers you a complete security solution by protecting your entire premises.

Sometimes, however, security guards are unable to deal with situations that threaten the safety and security of offices. This is when you should consider hiring a new one. Here are some signs that you need to hire a new agent.

Lack of interpersonal skills

It is very important to know how a security guard communicates with employees and visitors. The way they greet and behave with customers who come to your office gives customers an image of the company. If he does not have these skills, you may need to hire a new security officer.

For example, if a security guard speaks disrespectfully to someone entering the office, it gives a bad impression of the company you run. Lack of respect can also be interpreted as sexism or racism and can put you in a difficult situation.

Inability to handle difficult situations

There are times when the security guard has to be careful, to deal with difficult situations. It could be a fire, a first aid problem, a fight or any other situation. The security team should be able to resolve these situations. For that they need a good presence of mind. The inability to handle these things is a sign that you need a new, better trained security guard.

Security breach

There are times when someone enters a perimeter without permission and the security guard does not notice. This breach of security can lead to robbery and other crimes. Security agents should be able to deal with such security issues and should be able to manage the complete security of your premises.

Lack of attention

Reasons for a security breach or inability to handle situations are usually caused by a lack of attention. A caretaker should always be aware of what is happening inside and around your office premises. Lack of attention leads to security issues and disrupts the operation of the office. A good manager should always consider working with a well-trained security company to ensure complete security.

Substance abuse

Another issue that can disrupt security is substance abuse by a security agent. Smoking, alcohol or drug use can not only lead to poor safety, but can even endanger the safety of the agent and the company he works for. Before hiring a security guard, you should make sure that he is not a consumer of such substances. Ask for references from other jobs.

But to get rid of all these shortcomings, you can choose to enter into a collaboration with Firecore Secure. Our security agents are constantly trained to deal with any situation.

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