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5 ways to secure your empty property

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5 ways to secure your empty property

Empty properties are becoming easy targets for travellers, burglars and arson attacks. With the increasing number of vacant properties across the UK, vacant property security has never been more important. If there is no security in place to cover an empty property it becomes vulnerable and, you will be at a high risk of being unlawfully occupied by trespassers.  FCS has a variety of perfect security solutions for empty properties that are highly visible and sensory, which automatically deters criminal activities from taking place.  Maintaining security procedures is the most important key for all industries as any business or property can become vulnerable at any stage. 

24/7 Monitored CCTV System

24/7 monitored CCTV systems are able to keep track of your premises and deter all criminal behaviour including unwelcomed visitors.  Our NSI gold monitoring team keep a look out for any suspicious activity at all times, which gives you a total peace of mind. You can also access live footages remotely at any time to see what exactly is going on in your empty property.

Every property comes with a vulnerable area that stands out to criminals. FCS has fully licensed and experienced engineers that come on site and install all CCTV systems in the requested areas and also will allocate other areas that may have narrow and restricted passages, this is to ensure all areas of your premises are fully covered and protected 24/7. Our CCTV systems provide high definition coverage and also play a big part in legal hearings as footage can be saved to aid criminal prosecution.  

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Mobile Security Patrol

Mobile Security Patrol Unit

Mobile patrol security guards travel around your site so that they can keep a close eye on every part of it, paying special attention to dangerous or high-risk areas. All of our mobile patrol units are thoroughly vetted in accordance with British Standards BS 7858 and carry a valid SIA licence to ensure the trust and reliability of our officers.   Our mobile security patrol guards work as an effective deterrent, encouraging the public to act in a safe and legal manner. With all the new technology available today, there is still no better deterrent than a static security guard who is well equipped and has the correct training and experience in how to deal with all complex situations that may occur. Our security officers come in marked vehicles and patrol your empty property for your safety. 

Static Security Guard

One of the main functions a security guard has is to protect people and maintain safety. The presence of a security guard is enough to deter criminals and prevent incidents. People are often grateful for the presence of a security guard, and helping them feel comfortable and safe can be rewarding and honourable. In order to protect your vacant property we provide a safeguarding system that protects everyone within your premises and ensures safety at all working times. 

Our security guards are experienced in deterring intruders and keeping everyone safe. 

Security guard
Malinois police dog and handler.

K9 Security Guard

Security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than humans. Our k9 dog units are a great deterrent for unwanted trespassers as their presence is enough to make them leave your empty site without the dog units and handlers having to do anything.  Our K9 units help us to reduce and eliminate crime on your site. K9 security provides peace of mind, allowing our clients to focus on their business objectives while we deal with all the worries and concerns relating to safety.

Our trained security dogs are able to sense intruders by smell, sound or sight. They protect their handlers and stand their ground by showing controlled aggression when confronted with threatening behaviour.

Fire Alarm System

Fire remains one of the greatest dangers on vacant sites as arson attacks are extremely common.  Our job is producing a safe environment for everyone and keeps your equipment and protected at all times.  Our basic fire alarm system detects a fire and alerts the local fire department.  Here at FCS we offer; interconnected fire and first aid call points, Ideal for construction sites and void properties, BS EN54 and HSG168 standard compliant and commercial standard heat and smoke detectors.

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