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8 Benefits Of Professional Security Guard Services

The professional security guard services industry in the UK was worth £6bn in 2015. In the last five years, this has increased by almost 11% across all the industries in the UK. 

As a business owner, a building manager or a construction site manager, why would you hire a professional security company like Firecore Secure (FCS)?

You can’t be physically present on all your business properties 24/7. Also, your business faces a high risk of criminal activities, such as burglary, vandalism, theft, illegal activities and fire accidents.

Given the increasing number of criminal incidents in commercial properties all across the UK, hiring a professional security guards company should be a no brainer. You can safeguard your premises, control who has access to your commercial property and even benefit from insurance in some cases. 

Still not convinced?

We’ve shortlisted eight main benefits of hiring security services for your commercial properties and construction sites. 

8 Benefits of Hiring Security Guard Services 

Security guard services

You can’t just hire any security guard to protect your business premises. You should hire SIA licensed well-trained guards as they help to: 

  1. Adhere to safety standards – Security guards ensure the adherence to safety standards. They constantly check that employees aren’t neglecting any safety measures and that all safety equipment is latest. In the presence of guards, the employees also act more vigilant and responsible for following safety measures. In case of non-compliance, the security officers can report it to designated officers.
  2. Control access to your property – Security guards make sure that only authorized personnel can enter your business premises. This can be challenging to manage if there’s an inflow of workers and employees 24/7. For instance, electricians, architects, plumbers, builders etc. visit construction sites multiple times in a day. In the absence of a guard, it’ll be easier for trespassers to enter the construction sites.
  3. Monitor your premises – It is impossible for you to physically monitor your premises all day long. You need professionals to perform surveillance on your property. Mobile security guards and CCTVs play a significant role in monitoring activities that take place on your property. In case of any illegal activity or an accident, security guards can report it on time and prevent any losses. 
  1. Protect your employees – You need to make your employees feel safe in your office building. Presence of security systems such as security guards and CCTVs make employees and clients feel safe. Studies show that employees are likely to be more productive if they are constantly watched. 
  1. Protect against fire accidents – Some situations are beyond your control. But the right safety equipment can save huge losses. Security guards, CCTVs and safety systems such as fire fighting equipment can help in tackling emergencies with minimal loss. If security guards notice something odd, they can take corrective action on time.
  2. Reduce the risk of crime – Security guard services offer professional officers who are vigilant and monitor your premises constantly. The guards can spot criminals, catch them in the act of criminal activity and inform the concerned official. Thieves, vandals and trespassers are less likely to commit crimes in the presence of security guards and CCTVs.
  3. Safeguard your assets – As a business owner or a construction site manager, you know your valuable assets are always at a risk of being stolen or damaged. The theft of machinery at construction sites has gone up by 50% during the lockdown owing to Coronavirus pandemic. But you can reduce the chances of that by hiring professional security officers and by investing in CCTVs.
  4. Save your money – You can save your money in the long run by investing in security systems today. Security guards and CCTVs serve as proof in case of any crime incident and accidents. The insurance company is more likely to accept your claim if they believe that you did everything to ensure the safety of your property. 

This will not just help to prevent a crime but also help in case of a mishap. For instance, you’ll have a better chance of claiming insurance if you have some sort of proof. 

Is Your Commercial Property or Construction Site Safe?

The home office reported 606,282 crimes against businesses in England and Wales in 2018/19. Many crimes go unreported every year. 

Construction site security

Can you guess which city in the UK faces the majority of these crimes? 

Birmingham. It witnesses a crime once every 15 minutes and the most common crime is Shoplifting.

The frequent crimes in the construction industry include theft and vandalism, and health and safety neglect. The UK construction industry suffers a loss of approximately £800 mn every year. 

The Commercial Victimisation Survey (CVS) reported that theft by customers accounted for 71% of all the crimes against the Wholesale and Retail sector in the UK in 2018. 21% of all businesses reported thefts by customers. Additionally, these businesses experienced 27,400 incidents per 1,000 premises in the same year. 

The figures are not statistically higher than the previous year’s estimates. But the number of crimes in commercial properties and construction sites is still alarmingly high. The business owners should choose to invest heavily on security guard services. 

Why Should You Hire Firecore Secure (FCS) for Security Services?

Firecore Secure (FCS) is a leading security service and fire safety company all across the UK. They have an experience of more than 10 years and offer professional security services for your company. They offer 24/7 security guard services, CCTVs, and a wide variety of fire safety equipment

  1. Security GuardsThey offer SIA licensed professional security officers to guard your site 24/7. Their guards specialise in patrolling all areas of your business site and ensure controlled entry. When they detect any suspicious activity, they deploy rapid response mobile patrol security guards and can even alert the police. You can depend on their trained and professional security guards for the safety of your business site.
  1. CCTV and Remote MonitoringCCTV systems are a great visual deterrent to stop criminals. A central monitoring centre monitors the CCTV offered by FCS 24/7. They offer Ultra HD image quality CCTVs with audio capabilities that you can access on your mobile phones. Their high-quality CCTV cameras will help you to monitor your premises.  The recordings will serve as evidence in case of any crimes.  

You can rely on FCS for excellent customer service and affordable prices. Their expertise makes them the most reliable security company in the UK. 

Too good to be true? Request your free quotation and find it for yourself!


With the COVID-19 outbreak, the business owners and construction site managers are facing challenges to keep your premises safe, now more than ever. The business premises and construction sites already face an increased threat of violent crimes, illegal activities and thefts. It is pertinent that you hire professional security guard services to safeguard your premises. Security guards help you to adhere to safety standards, control who enters your premises, protect your employees and assets, monitor your premises 24/7, prevent fire accidents and crimes, and reduce your insurance costs in the long run. Fortunately, FCS offers professional security officers and the latest technology security systems to fulfil all your security needs.

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