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8 Event Security Tips to Keep Your Guests and Event Safe


Event security is a security service that provides event organizers the peace of mind they need to optimize the guest experience without compromising the safety of an event.

If an event holds more than 100 people it is considered fairly large which automatically raises flags for security. However, small events are still in the same amount of danger if they have no security. This means taking reasonable steps to prevent harm coming to anyone involved in your event and forward planning in case of any emergency situations that could arise our licenced event security guards have excellent crowd control skills to ensure your event runs smoothly from start to finish. Our event security guards are experienced in diffusing conflicts and are trained to approach all situations in a professional manner.  Our event security guards are specialists in controlled entry, restraining trespassers, patrolling all areas of premises and looking out for any illegal activities on our clients’ sites. Our event security guards work as an effective deterrent and reduce potential damage.

FCS works together with the organisers and follow the steps below to ensure you have a smooth experience.

Top 8 Tips for a Safe Event

  1. Assess Your Security Risks.
  2. Keep Your Security Measures Visible.
  3. Create Security Checkpoints.
  4. Match IDs to Registration Information.
  5. Keep Private Events Private.
  6. Consider Cyber Threats.
  7. Provide an Emergency Plan.
  8. Screen All Staff.

What services does FCS provide?

FCS specialise in all different types of security services that have been widely used in the UK. Our professional design team create bespoke security packages that are suitable for our customer’s requirements. Our Event security guards have years of experience behind them in protection and provide fantastic services.

Firecore Secure covers various types of events, including:

  • Festival security
  • Concert security
  • Wedding security
  • Corporate event security
  • Sport event security
  • Parties security
  • Charity event security
  • Government event security
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