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Our team has decades of experience protecting Property Guardians in Wiltshire

Coronavirus has made a challenging time for the hospitality sector. Anti-vandal steel security prevents theft but allows easy access to the site to natural light for refurbishment works. Many pubs are being closed or mothballed creating a property management headache. Pub owners need a one-stop shop for property security and asset management services. the answer is secure empty property.

Operating nationwide with the public retail sector, we are specialists in property security. Site surveys take meter readings and log kegs vending machines and seller equipment. We can even clear ex-tenant belongings. Protecting the property from intruders is a priority.

Our ladder hoists help to reach upper floor windows safely. Access is essential to complete repairs from simple lock changes or steel security. Contractors have easy access to complete repairs to our high security temporary steel doors. Higher risk pubs require 24-hour monitoring this can be achieved at a fraction of the cost of guards by our temporary alarm system, remotely monitored with fast response to site you have peace of mind your property is always under our control, and all this for a small daily higher charge. Weekly inspections and isolation of utilities help you meet your insurance obligations. Whilst car parks can be protected with temporary fencing and concrete barriers. Firecore Secure protect prepare and maintain your closed house properties.

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Choose FCS as your Vacant Property Security service provider

If you are involved in renting, selling or developing properties, there are going to be times when the property is left vacant.  During those times you need to make sure that your asset is pretty well protected, or as protected as it can be. And there are a number of things which many people tend to overlook.  

Unoccupied properties are a magnet, they are a magnet to those who want to strip out the copper, maybe strip out kitchen appliances or anything that’s been left in the property that they can get away with.  These burglars, they’re not particularly just after occupied property and the goodies that are available in those.

So, when your properties empty there’s a number of things you can do to ensure that it’s less likely.  I’m going to say less likely because most burglars are opportunistic.

And we mean opportunistic in the sense that they will take the easiest possible target.  You’re never to combat burglary completely, but what you can do is move it down the street, move it away from your property by making it that little bit less attractive for the burglar.

Why choose FCS for your Property Guardians in Wiltshire ?

Vacant properties are considered easy targets for vandalism and theft of high-value items. To safeguard your void property from any such opportunists, the physical presence of a vacant property security guard is an effective solution.

  • Site protection, preventing unwanted access.
  • Regular patrols and maintenance checks.
  • Wireless alarm system with visual verification and 24/7 monitoring.
  • Keyholding and alarm response service for monitored intruder alarm activations.

All Firecore Secure guards are thoroughly vetted in accordance with British Standards BS 7858 and carry a valid SIA licence to guarantee the trust and reliability of our officers.

All of our security guards and officers are given a comprehensive induction to familiarise them with your site’s specific requirements. Our dedicated void property security guards and officers  frequently patrol your void property and record any unusual activity noticed during their patrol. In case of incidents like fire, flood or theft, our security guards take the appropriate action by contacting the relevant emergency services.

With our 24/7 nationwide coverage, Firecore Secure provides highly skilled security guards to help protect your vacant property. Firecore Secure offers security guarding services on both temporary and long-term contracts, across single and multiple vacant properties.

For a customer-focused and professional security guarding service, contact Firecore Secure’s friendly team today.

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Try our Property Guardians in Wiltshire from Firecore Secure and we will guarantee Great Rates, Free Security Property Assessment and Prices to Suit All Budgets

How can I use CCTV cameras responsibly on my property?

You should be wondering if CCTV is actually the best way to improve your property security.

Before installing CCTV cameras, you should ask yourself the following questions:

  • Do I really need CCTV?
    Are there other measures I could use to protect my home, such as better lighting?
  • What is the best way to configure the system?
  • What areas do I want to capture the rooms?
  • Can I position CCTV cameras to prevent intrusion on neighbors’ properties or any common or public spaces?
  • Do I need to record images or is a live stream enough?
  • Does my CCTV system have an audio recording option? Audio recording is very intrusive on privacy.
  • So, in most cases where households use CCTV, they should turn off audio recording.

When it comes to security, the front door has perhaps the most important role. It must be made of iron, resistant to shocks and forcing and have quality locking systems, so that it is almost impossible to enter the house without a key.

Install an alarm and talk to a security company

When you go on vacation for a longer period of time (a few weeks or even months), it is good to install an alarm system at your property, for increased security. Also, sign a contract with a security company to come and check your property if the alarm goes off during your vacation.

Preventing Break-ins into your warehouse
Preventing Break-ins

Our 24/7 remotely monitored CCTV system is a cost-effective method of reducing the risk of fire and theft on your premises. [post_title] reduce the need for the physical presence of a security guard on-site and provide you with recorded evidence should any criminal activity take place.

Opt for Electronic Access Door Systems

Another way you can increase the security of unoccupied buildings or any other property and enjoy a quiet holiday is by installing electronic access systems for the front door of your property. You can choose between a fingerprint scanning system or a code keyboard and you can configure them either with the help of a control panel or directly from your phone, through an application, via Bluetooth.

They give you the ability to store up to 99 fingerprints and access codes, increasing your personal comfort as well as the safety of your home when you are away.

Install a CCTV video camera

Installing a CCTV video camera is a great option for the safety of your [post_title], especially if you live in the yard. This way, you will be able to access this remote and you will be able to check if everything is fine at home. Also, if something unwanted happens, you will be able to more easily identify the culprits.

Mobile Security Patrol for your Property Guardians in Wiltshire

Firecore Secure Limited is a customer-oriented company fully committed to fulfilling your security and safety requirements. We take pride in providing professional security and safety services, 24/7—365 days a year. 

UK construction site theft costs £800 million per year, with over 7000 metal related thefts recorded per month alone. (Source: Allianz Cornhill Insurance. December 6, 2017)

Our mobile security patrol is an effective measure to protect locations that may not require the presence of a full-time security officer. Firecore Secure deploy highly trained and experienced mobile security officers to safeguard your premises against potential vandalism, theft or even water damage.

Our fully trained mobile patrol security officers provide all of our clients with peace of mind knowing that their buildings are secure at all times. Our clients trust us to keep their sites safe and deter any criminal activities.

Firecore Secure has many years of experience, and the expert knowledge needed to provide you with a comprehensive safety and security service. Our dedicated guards have a duty of care to our clients, providing security services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our guards are specialists in controlled entry, restraining trespassers, patrolling all areas of a premises and looking out for any illegal activities on our clients’ sites. Our mobile security patrol guards work as an effective deterrent, encouraging the public to act in a safe and legal manner. With all the new technology available today, there is still no better deterrent than a real security guard who is well equipped and has the correct training and experience in how to deal with all complex situations that may occur.

For a customer-focused and dedicated security company, contact Firecore Secure and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

Security is something far too many people don’t think about until it’s too late.

But on the other hand, security ought to be something you don’t have to think about all the time, so you can get on with your day-to-day work.

At Firecore Secure, we take that worry out of your hands, bringing our experience and excellent customer service to your site or event, with the assurance that you can sleep at night knowing you’re protected.

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