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A Site Manager’s Guide: Building Site Security

Building site secuirty

As a site manager, maintaining the security of your building site should be a top priority. Theft and vandalism can lead to construction delays and increased costs. The theft of construction machines from building sites in the UK has increased by about 50% in 2020. Before the lockdowns of 2020, construction site theft already cost the industry over £800 million per year.

Along with theft, many building sites are the victims of vandalism. Criminals may even target company vehicles used to transport equipment and tools. About half of builders in the UK have had their vans damaged, stolen, or broken into. If you want to protect against these concerns, use the following guide to learn more about building site security.

What Is Building Site Security?

Building site security refers to the use of security protocols and services to protect the premises against criminal activities. The typical building site has an industrial fence and clear signage to remind potential intruders that they are entering private property.

Additional security solutions include CCTV systems, security guards, and 24/7 monitoring. Many sites also employ access control systems, such as key fobs or biometric scanners. Determining what type of security services to use is often a challenge for site managers. You have a budget and timeframe that you need to work with, which may limit your options. Luckily, there are flexible security solutions for building sites.

From working in a high-crime area to building sites shielded from public view, each site has different issues to address. Receiving assistance from an experienced security provider can help you deal with the vulnerabilities that are unique to your site.

Why Is Building Site Security So Important?

The security of any building should be a crucial concern for property owners and developers. Without proper security, you expose the site to potential criminal activity. Here are just a few of the issues that effective building site security can prevent:

  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Assault
  • Health and safety neglect

Finding ways to prevent these issues can help protect your workforce and keep your construction project on schedule.


Theft is one of the biggest security concerns on a building site. The recovery rate for equipment that has been stolen has slightly improved in recent years. However, you cannot count on your items being recovered. Without essential machines or equipment, you may need to wait for replacements. This causes delays and may increase the budget of the project.


Vandalism is another common concern for site managers. Teenagers and young vandals often target construction sites for vandalism due to the lack of security. Graffiti and damage to property or equipment may not be as severe compared to theft but it can still cause delays.


Physical assaults can occur at any building site. A disgruntled employee, an argument between co-workers, or attempting to detain a criminal suspect may result in injuries and the loss of labour. A fight or rowdy incident may even cause damage to tools, supplies, or the building.

Health and Safety Neglect

A survey of construction workers found that 90% of respondents have witnessed health and safety neglect on job sites. CCTV systems and security guards let workers know that they are being monitored, which tends to increase compliance with health and safety regulations.

Tailored Construction Site Security Based on Your Needs

Most building sites are secured with basic security features to help deter crimes. Your site likely has secure fencing and locks. However, these measures alone will not stop criminals from entering your site. The type of construction site security that you implement depends on your specific needs. Potential security options may include:

At FCS, we specialise in developing custom security solutions for construction sites. Site managers, project managers, and construction companies can rest easy knowing that their sites are secure. This allows you to remain focused on the development of the project and staying on schedule. Examine some of the advantages and features of our security services.

CCTV Systems


CCTV systems are one of the best deterrents to crime. A prominently positioned security camera lets criminals know that they are being watched and recorded. The footage obtained by the CCTV system can also provide evidence that can be used to apprehend and prosecute criminals. This provides additional protection during the day or night. The cameras continue to record even when your construction activities end for the day.

Rapid-Deployment CCTV

A rapid-deployment CCTV system is an efficient solution for temporary security. It allows you to implement security cameras without the typical CCTV installation process. The rapid-deployment systems are easily installed and positioned anywhere on your building site.

A rapid-deployment CCTV system typically consists of a tower with one or more cameras. The cameras then transmit the footage to a central location. You can instantly set up 360-degree surveillance in critical areas of your building site, including remote or difficult-to-access areas.

24/7 Monitoring

24/7 monitoring is available for your CCTV systems. Instead of waiting until after a crime occurs, you can proactively protect your building site. We monitor your CCTV footage 24/7 from a central monitoring centre.

When our team detects suspicious activity, we deploy rapid-response mobile patrol security guards. The average police response time is between 6 and 12 minutes. By the time that the police arrive, the suspects may be long gone.

Our guards can often arrive before the police and provide security and physical assistance as needed. With a faster response, you are less likely to lose expensive construction equipment.

On-Site Security Guards

Along with rapid-response teams, we also offer on-site security guards for round-the-clock protection. With 24/7 security guards, your building site remains secure during the day and night. Maintaining a security presence also helps deter crime. When prospective criminals visit your building site and notice uniformed security personnel, they are more likely to give up on their planned crimes.

Why Choose Us for the Security of Your Building Site?

We have been in business for over 10 years. Our team strives to deliver the best security services to construction companies and businesses throughout the UK. Enjoy the following benefits by choosing FCS for your security needs:

  • Excellent customer service and support
  • 24/7 security guards with experience on construction sites
  • Availability for construction sites anywhere in the UK
  • Affordable rates for dependable security services
  • Free quotes — call now for your free quote!

From the moment that you contact us, we focus on providing superior customer service. You can rely on us for answers to any questions you may have or receive assistance planning your site security. We offer a variety of security services, including 24/7 SIA-licensed security guards. As it is our area of specialisation, our guards often have experience with the unique challenges that come with protecting a building site.

We also service the entire United Kingdom. No matter your location in the UK, you can rely on our security solutions. Your budget should not have to limit your ability to receive reliable security for your building site. We offer affordable rates for all our services. Free quotes are available, allowing you to explore your options without committing.

Contact us today to explore building site security and receive your free quote!

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