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Your Key To Safety: A Warehouse Alarm System

Warehouse Alarm System

In the UK, warehouse theft costs businesses £915 million per year. For most businesses, the warehouse is where large-scale theft is most likely to occur. Multiple entry points and aisles of inventory make warehouses an attractive target.

Both large-scale and small-scale thefts can have a big impact on your business. Beyond the financial loss, warehouse theft can affect day-to-day operations. Theft can prevent you from fulfilling your obligations to customers. A warehouse alarm system can decrease your risk of becoming a victim of theft, vandalism, or intrusion. 

What is a warehouse alarm system?

An alarm system is a technology-based monitoring system that protects your property. It protects key entry points from unauthorized access. With most systems, you can monitor your site at all times, even when you’re not there. Most importantly, an alarm system alerts you when there is a security breach. 

Beyond just preventing theft, an alarm system helps you put safety first. They can also protect against intrusion, vandalism, and fire. A warehouse security system helps you reduce loss. When it comes to security for your warehouse, FCS provides a system you can rely on. 

Why do you need a warehouse alarm system?

Warehouses have unique vulnerabilities

Warehouses are unique spaces. They are big and open, with several entry points. It’s easy to miss suspicious activity in such a big space. Ceilings, windows, and loading doors are all possible vulnerabilities. An alarm system can help protect these critical points. 

With so many valuables in one space, warehouses are an attractive target to thieves. There are inventory-filled trucks outside waiting to be unloaded. The flow of workers coming in and out can also make warehouses difficult to monitor.

Traditional alarm systems are not created with warehouses in mind. It takes careful planning to scale an alarm system up to the size needed for a warehouse. A warehouse alarm system ensures that important entrances are monitored. With a customized warehouse security plan, you can count on floor-to-ceiling and wall-to-wall coverage.

Guard valuable inventory and equipment

Warehouses are filled with important inventory. Thieves know that your warehouse stores valuable goods. Your warehouse is at the core of your business, so you need exceptional security. Warehouse theft isn’t just financially disruptive. It can lower employee morale and impact the efficiency of your business.

Warehouse equipment can be expensive. You want to protect this equipment from theft or damage. Equipment like forklifts and pallet jacks can be dangerous when used by an untrained employee. A security system can ensure that only trained workers have access to expensive or hazardous equipment. 

A visual deterrent 

Visible security signs are the first step to deterring potential problems. Security signs make it clear that your site is professionally alarmed.


Intruders will know that you’re monitoring their every move. That is enough to deter most people. The sound of an alarm is the last thing they want to hear.

In the case of an alarm going off, it’s an immediate auditory deterrent for any thief or vandal. Most intruders won’t stick around! This means that even if there is an intrusion, there will be less damage than if there was no alarm system. 

24/7 Security Coverage

An alarm system provides constant security coverage, day and night. It shows others that you have around-the-clock monitoring on your site. 

There is no such thing as breaks or distractions to a security alarm system. An alarm system ensures that your property is monitored 24/7, 365 days a year.

What are the advantages of a warehouse alarm system?

Extensive coverage 

Different alarm systems can protect against different types of incidents. For example, fire and gas systems protect against a different danger than theft alarms. A combination of alarm systems in your warehouse will contribute to workplace safety.

A security alarm system can cover blind spots – there are some in every warehouse! Alarm systems can catch problems missed by a person. Rows and rows of aisles mean that a security guard can’t monitor every corner at all times. An alarm system with a camera or a motion sensor can. 

An alarm system is best paired with CCTV monitoring. FCS offers professional CCTV monitoring. Our 24/7 Monitored Wireless CCTV services allow you to monitor every corner of your warehouse. Without wires to restrict camera placement, the possibilities are endless. Paired with an alarm system, you can be sure that no warehouse intrusion will go unnoticed.

Make security more efficient

You can count on an alarm system to alert you to any trouble. An alarm system offers 24/7 security, and you can also hire security guards as needed. In some cases, you might not even need a security guard. An alarm system can offer you cost-effective, reliable, and efficient peace of mind.

A warehouse monitoring system makes your security plan more efficient. For example, if an employee accidentally leaves a door open, instead of workers checking all entry points, your alarm system will alert you. 

Instead of each entry point being a vulnerability, an alarm system ties them together into one security system. 

Immediate response time

If an alarm goes off, you will be notified immediately. Beyond that, an alarm system will notify the proper authorities. While authorities may take time to arrive, the alarm’s immediate blaring sound is enough to make most thieves high-tail it out of there.

At FCS, we offer rapid response alarm monitoring. Our CCTV monitoring centre runs 24/7 to catch any suspicious activity on your property.

An alarm system notifies you to a breach faster than a security patrol. When seconds count, this immediate alert can make a huge difference.

Enforce workplace safety 

Workplace safety is incredibly important in any warehouse. With lots of people and equipment moving around, there are several workplace hazards. When your site is securely monitored, workers are also more likely to follow safety rules 

An alarm system can limit access to certain places on your site. A coded and alarmed access door means that only authorized workers will enter. This is an advantage if there are particularly valuable goods or specialty equipment on site. It can also be used to secure certain rooms, such as an office space that needs to be locked up at night.

Protect your business with a warehouse alarm system.

At FCS, we want to make your warehouse more secure. Warehouse theft is preventable – an alarm system is the first step to protecting your property. 

We can help you create a robust warehouse security system. A combination of security services will give you peace of mind. We provide alarm systems, CCTV, security guards, mobile patrols, and access control systems for all types of properties. Our security services are available for the whole of the United Kingdom. 

Here’s why FCS is the best choice:

  • Reliable and affordable security services 
  • The dependable choice – we have provided security services for over 10 years
  • Nationwide coverage – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • A customer-focused and dedicated team
  • Experienced, SIA licenced security guards
  • 24/7 security guards for warehouses and construction sites

We offer free quotes for all of our services. Call today to get started! 

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