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About safety and security in schools

Student safety in schools

Safety and security in schools includes all measures taken to combat threats to students, teachers or non-teachers and property in educational settings.

School safety is defined as protecting students from violence and intimidation, as well as avoiding their exposure to harmful elements.

Safety and security in schools – Increasing the level of security

The aim is to find solutions to improve school safety. Schools in the United Kingdom are targeted at pupils, teachers and non-teachers. In the talks opened by the city councils and the schools’ educational collaborators, the safety steps should be taken as a priority. They are engaged in carrying out these initiatives directly or indirectly across all schools across the world.

CCTV Camers Systems are now built in over 90% of British schools to track and improve safety and security.

This feature, however, must be continuously checked by trained security and safety staff or by school administrators who are expected to ensure the continuous functionality of the systems installed. This strategy avoids the risks of generating evidence that can affect the reputation and dignity of citizens, public and private property.

At the same time, the approach to their use does not fully solve the safety issue, beyond the deterrent impact that the installation of surveillance cameras has. The only consequence of this method is to observe and count potential instances of aggression. Therefore, to take optimal action against this undesirable occurrence, there must be other forms of interference.

For example, the complementary security and security services approach – the recruitment of permanent security guards in the school unit, for real-time 24-hour monitoring.


The Firecore Secure team ensures that it is the trusted partner for any school safety and security programmes through the expertise gained over the years.

School safety and security – Security Guards

The Protection Company must recognise and agree with the job description duties that are incumbent upon it. The school’s protection and dignity is his direct responsibility. In addition, his responsibilities cover the property and other confiding principles and keeping peace within the school unit where he supervises. As regards support duties, the police will supervise every security officer.

A general record of the security staff can be rendered in the protection facilities. It is seen in the school unit which involves responsibilities of the security officer who conducts the operation.

We are here to help you with the latest protection facilities!

We perform protection and safety operations in over 185 job objectives in the United Kingdom. We have a range of currently:

  • 1050 safety and defence officers –
  • 25 Goal Heads
  • 30 inspectors and we in the security industry are increasingly rising.
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