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Access controls without physical contact a new security option in this new normality

How has covid affected security

Among the standards that mark the new security measures such as the Checklist of Sanitary Security Measures in the Work Environment, the Biosafety Protocol and the WHO recommendations, is the elimination of fingerprint entry control systems and implementing alternative systems . The commitment to this type of new controllers is focused on facial recognition technologies, iris detector, QR code readings or through mobile applications.

Security applications based on IP standards are setting a very important precedent in the new normal, currently there is a growing acceptance around video solutions with intelligent analysis, which allow the entry of people to the facilities without contact, which they include the faster processing of people safely, inside and outside buildings, as well as the emerging requirement of distancing, as well as avoiding contact with surfaces.

There are three modes of access control that are positioning themselves as a trend towards the demands of the new normal.

Mobile applications: Access control systems take the traditional concept and improve it to offer virtual credentials through mobile phone applications with self-enrollment, also a great benefit is that they do not present the privacy problems associated with the adoption of facial recognition in areas external, so they are safe in terms of people’s privacy, as well as mitigating the risks of contagion.

Reading QR codes: Another type of access control is one that uses secure QR codes through a cloud service. This has been very successful in allowing contactless access control since, in any business, it is possible to grant the code to each of the workers, they will only have to show it to the video intercom camera and it will immediately allow them to enter. the installations.

Facial recognition: The technology based on the identification of people’s faces is already widely used, these systems use cameras with intelligent analysis to offer precise, reliable and fast access control, in addition, with good cybersecurity practices, it is possible to keep safe the information they store to prevent cyber theft.

These types of access controls are very useful to allow the entry of customers and suppliers, and will also position them as competitors at the forefront and prepared for challenges. It will also help you reduce the costs associated with traditional physical access cards, your business will reduce the impact on the environment and have a smarter approach to your facilities, in addition to ensuring the health of the people who work in them.

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