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Alarm with video cctv

Video CCTV systems offer many advantages for individuals and companies: increased security level, higher level of protection for people, goods or merchandise, proactive protection and prevention, greater awareness of the situation with less effort, rapid detection of crimes, reduction of expenses in security guards … Therefore, when deciding on an alarm with video surveillance, you may be wondering with local or cloud recording. Let’s look at the main differences.

Alarm with video surveillance and local storage

When it comes to video surveillance, we find video verification, live camera viewing, IP cameras and image recording that can be stored locally or in the cloud. When we say that the images are saved locally, we have a series of advantages:

  • The storage space depends on the size of your hard drive and allows us to view whenever we want, with or without internet connection.
  • The price of this type of video surveillance cameras is lower than IP cameras
  • They do not usually have a monthly fee associated with external services because everything is hosted on devices we own.

But this type of local video surveillance also has its drawbacks:

  • If the thief detects the place where the images are housed, he can take it and lose the evidence of the crime.
  • They do not usually have an intelligent alert system.
  • Its installation and configuration is usually more complex.
  • Your mobile management applications are more limited or even do not have them.
  • Motion detection is less efficient.
  • A computer is required to view images.

Alarm with video surveillance and cloud storage

Video surveillance cameras with cloud storage connect to the internet via WIFI or network cable and have the advantages of:

  • They are smart alarms that send us alerts in case of dangerous situations
  • It allows you to control and visualize what happens through a mobile application, wherever you are.
  • If the camera is stolen, the images are protected in the cloud.
  • Being in the cloud allows multiple proactive functionalities that improve security.
  • Simpler and easier installation.

Although it has numerous advantages, it also has some drawbacks:

  • Use our broadband internet band so it can affect the performance of the connection.
  • It carries a monthly subscription.
  • If there is no internet it will not work.

In addition to this type of video surveillance systems, there are also CCTV video surveillance systems for homes and companies. Another key point when we consider choosing a video surveillance alarm is the place where you install your video surveillance cameras.

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