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Are you keeping your construction site secure?

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Are you keeping your construction site secure?

Is your equipment and machinery secured from damage and theft?

According to statistics in the UK, thefts on construction sites are extremely high leaving the
construction industry of a loss of £1billion each year. This raises huge concerns for the industry as
contractors need their equipment and tools in order to complete their jobs. Many construction
companies have spent a large amount of money on new tools and equipment. The question is; what
are you going to do differently this time to make sure there is no theft or damage on your site?

24/7 Rapid Deployment Remotely Monitored CCTV Towers

Our smart tower speed camera is a perfect solution for security as it records live footage 24/7 365
days a year. Our CCTV towers are Ideal for temporary locations such as construction sites, as it offers
a safe environment by monitoring any unusual activity. Our towers reduce the costs associated with
on-site security by up to 86% by removing the need for the physical presence of security guards on
your site. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower is fully monitored by our dedicated NSI
gold monitoring centre.

24/7 Wireless Monitored CCTV System

The presence of our building site CCTV security cameras is enough to deter the majority of thieves
and criminals. You can access the clips of evidence if required for successful prosecution should
trespassers ever invade your site. Our construction site security CCTV cameras are a cost-effective
security solution compared to static guarding as our security cameras have a live video verification
which triggers the siren and the monitoring centre straight away. Our camera systems also have an
audio challenge which allows you to broadcast loud warning messages to intruders which 99% of the
time does the job!

Secure your constructions sites and machinery today by hiring our smart tower speed cameras!
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