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Biometric access control – advantages and disadvantages

Biometric identification systems are becoming increasingly popular. The biometric systems market is expected to grow from $ 10.74 billion in 2015 to $ 32.73 billion by 2022.

Such rapid growth in this sector is inevitable, given the efficiency of this technology. However, due to the wide variety of options available in biometric systems, customers are often lost when it comes to choosing a technology option. Moreover, they are not sure what advantages and disadvantages the use of a biometric system has.

In a recent blog post, a Spanish security company discusses this issue, providing an overview of the advantages and disadvantages of various types of biometric technologies.

“Biometric identification is a type of access control system based on the user’s biological characteristics,” the company said. “In a biometric system there are different methods of recognition: fingerprint, face, eyes or blood vessels. What are the advantages and disadvantages of biometric access control systems? ”

Starting with an overview of the advantages for the use of biometric technologies, the article mentions that among the types of access control that are generally used, biometric identification allows the recognition of the user based on his biological characteristics. Among the different types, the biometric fingerprint has been used since 1883 and it is considered that this feature is very safe. It is also more efficient and economical when comparing multiple forms of biometric systems.

The advantages of biometric technology

Certainly the strongest advantage of using biometric technology is that it offers increased security. Because fingerprints are unique and a unique feature in every person, the level of security they offer is maximum. Moreover, the maintenance suit is very small. Once the installation has been done, the costs associated with system maintenance are minimal.

There is also no need for additional devices for access to the location. “With fingerprint-based access control, there is no need to use traditional keys, cards or other devices,” says the Spanish company. “Based on the identification of a unique characteristic of a person, the system works without other elements, so there will be no more situations of key loss, without the possibility of access.”

Disadvantages of biometric technology

Despite the benefits, there are some disadvantages associated with biometric technology. For example, the fingerprint system Despite the benefits, there are some cons that are associated with biometrics, according to Fermax. For example, the fingerprint system is less convenient if users change frequently, such as in business centers of offices where employees are constantly hired.

Even if maintenance costs are low, the cost of installation is quite high compared to other access control systems. Then there are cases where the biometric system cannot recognize certain users. 1% of the world’s population cannot be identified by fingerprint.

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