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Careers in the security industry

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Careers in the security industry

What I need to know before becoming a security officer

As of 2020 there is still a huge demand for security officers due to the high crime rate in the UK.  Firecore secure has brave and talented security officers that are trained and licensed in making sure, buildings, valuables and people are safe and secure at all times.

In order to qualify as a security officer you must have the below;

.  Age requirement is 18 or over.

. Pass identity and criminal record checks (screening process).

. Complete relevant approved SIA training.

Becoming a security officer means you should have excellent communication skills and should know how to work independently even when under pressure. At Firecore secure we invest a huge deal in training our security officers to ensure they are ready to look after all types of premises. 

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What service do our security guards provide?

Our security guards are specialists in controlled entry, restraining trespassers, patrolling all areas of premises and looking out for any illegal activities on our clients’ sites. Our mobile security patrol guards work as an effective deterrent, encouraging the public to act in a safe and legal manner. With all the new technology available today, there is still no better deterrent than a real security guard who is well equipped and has the correct training and experience in how to deal with all complex situations that may occur.

Essential but not required for security officers

Security officers have requirements that need to be met before or when applying as a security guard. It is not a requirement for security officers to have an educational degree in order to get a job however, if they have got a degree in something like IT or business this will only help them to understand the dynamics of security and progress quicker than individuals that may not have the educational background before applying. The candidates that have more practise and knowledge of security due to educational courses may also start out on a higher salary depending on company and location.

Why should I become a security officer?

At Firecore Secure we ensure that all of our security guards are provided with the highest standards of professionalism and extra qualifications that help individuals in the long run. Helping people and worrying about their safety has always been known to have many advantages and looks fantastic on any CV. Security officers face various challenges and every day is different for them. As a security officer they can achieve a sense of duty knowing they have protected and secured others. Security officers are known to be brave and confident while providing a safe and secure atmosphere for all kinds of business’s and premises. Security officers help keep the world safer!

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