What are the most effective security measures for office buildings


Regardless of the specifics of the activity carried out by the employees of the companies it hosts, an office building requires a high level of security. Whether we are talking about the corporate segment, about companies in the creative industries or about banking institutions, professional secrecy is safe only if the integrity of IT equipment […]

Biometric or RFID timekeeping systems?


Today, many companies want better solutions to measure the real working time of employees. In this search, they begin to find the benefits of using biometric timekeeping systems. The accuracy of biometric data maximizes productivity and profits, while minimizing labor costs. RFID means radio frequency identification. A timekeeping system based on RFID technology is a […]

Trends in biometric security and access control


Businesses around the world have a large community. They must protect their premises, equipment and other assets and valuables that are kept at the location of the business. This requires a robust and comprehensive approach to security and the use of the latest aspects of biometric security. Rigorous security can bring challenges as well as […]

The main trends in access control for 2021


Now, more than ever, organizations feel the need to protect their premises, equipment, and other valuables and appliances that are kept on site. This is why these organizations should address a more robust, intelligent and multi-layered type of security, using the latest versions of available technologies. The desire to provide the latest security technologies is […]

Importance of Access Control Systems

Entry to sports stadium

Access Control Systems. A tool for managing and managing entrances and exits from a certain area or building with the mission of protecting personnel, buildings, equipment, warehouses and confidential data. Access Control Systems. Technical solutions offered by Firecore Secure: 1. Access control centers; 2. Magnetic, proximity, biometric, barcode readers and cards; 3. Yale, electromagnets, door […]

What Is Biometric Access Control and How Does it Work?

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There are numerous ways to provide security for your home or office building, including ways to get into the facility in the first place. Many buildings, in fact, have ways to access the facility that include recognising a fingerprint or handprint from a certain individual before allowing that person inside. Although it sounds complicated, the […]

How a Biometric Access Control System Works

  Theft and vandalism are major concerns for any construction site. The occurrence of stolen construction equipment and machines has increased by 50% in 2020. To protect against criminal activity, you need to review your security measures. This includes access control management. In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly how a biometric access control […]