How does a 24-hour monitoring center work?

Firecore Secure - monitoring center work

Camera monitoring systems can be installed on both public roads and private properties. This helps us to monitor movements and possible crime acts.   Our monitoring centres operate 24 hours a day, with specific equipment that is all connected in real time. A small system can have a simpler accompaniment, mobile or by the television […]

CCTV Monitoring for Supermarkets

CCTV Monitoring for Supermarkets

Firecore Secure specialists draw up projects, install and provide maintenance services for video surveillance systems perfectly adapted to the specific individual requirements. Video monitoring systems (C.C.T.V. – Closed Circuit Television) are essential for securing your business or home, protecting you at all times, in a discreet and highly effective way. Supermarket video surveillance CCTV Monitoring […]

CCTV Cameras for industrial buildings

CCTV Cameras for industrial buildings

The so-called industrial estates in which most of the warehouses are located are outside urban areas. They are in places with little traffic and after the closing time of the working day, they have poor lighting, which makes them vulnerable places. Which makes them potential targets for theft and vandalism in general, difficult crimes to […]

Alarm with video cctv

security camera in warehouse

Video CCTV systems offer many advantages for individuals and companies: increased security level, higher level of protection for people, goods or merchandise, proactive protection and prevention, greater awareness of the situation with less effort, rapid detection of crimes, reduction of expenses in security guards … Therefore, when deciding on an alarm with video surveillance, you […]

What exactly does a CCTV camera system consist of?

Vector illustration of three security cameras

CCTV is the acronym for Closed Circuit Television. The expression “Closed Circuit” means that it is an installation of directly connected components that create an image circuit that cannot be seen by another person outside of it. And it differs from broadcasting ordinary television signals in that they can be seen by anyone with an […]

Benefits of a CCTV Video Surveillance System

Benefits of a CCTV Video Surveillance System

The use of surveillance camera systems is varied, it is not only present in commercial and factory environments, but also in residential environments, educational centers, hotels, etc. Video surveillance systems are used more every day. They turn out to be an effective ally in terms of security. CCTV stands for Closed Circuit Television. To better […]

Hikvision retail solutions


When it comes to retail, the administrator must take into account some technical aspects to prevent losses, thefts, for the protection of goods and the entire business but also its productivity. Well-known manufacturers of surveillance systems take this notion to another level, in addition to the classic functionality, they can provide information and report for […]

Some tips on CCTV camera placement


Areas where it is recommended to install CCTV cameras To ensure the correct installation of video CCTV cameras, you must first think about which areas are most exposed to the events you need to monitor and which you can watch if something unpleasant has happened. Once you have established this, it will be very easy […]

8 tips for protecting CCTV Cameras


When it comes to protecting outdoor cctv cameras, the most common questions are: “How do I keep insects away from the room?”, “How do I protect a room from rain or other natural elements?”. Or, how do we protect the outer chambers from acts of vandalism or destruction? How can owners prevent lens condensation or […]