How to protect your construction site from theft and vandalism

Construction safety Construction sites are generally open areas in remote locations. This makes them particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism. With nothing to stop them, vehicles and construction equipment are easy targets for thieves. Unfortunately, the loss of valuable equipment can significantly increase costs, as well as the time required to complete construction projects. Construction […]

Having a development Site Security Company also provides security and safety to your employees.

Construction and Building Site Security Services in London sites

We perceive the risks and threats that development sites face and the measures required to ensure ongoing safety for goods, tools and employees. Access to distant monitoring providers The digital security guard of constructing sites, remote monitoring adds one other degree of security to place in CCTV digital digicam strategies. Thankfully, there are less expensive deterrents […]

The importance of security guards on Construction or Building Site

The importance of security guards on Construction or Building Site

If you carry out your professional activity in some construction sites in progress, it is very important to consider the possibility of collaborating with a company that offers site security services. You are certainly aware that safety and protection is very important, which means that you need to consider the possibilities you have in terms […]

Importance of emergency signage on Construction Site


Referring to signage, it is not only essential to know the different symbols, but also where to position them so that they really do their job in an emergency. Having proper signage is essential both in public spaces of more than 50 square meters and in buildings with areas for public use. The main mission […]

Security on site with security guards in Birmingham

Security on site with security guards Birmingham

When we talk about Construction Stes in Birmingham, we have to keep in mind an extremely important aspect. How to manage and ensure the materials used to complete the initial projects. The Security Company must provide both the work area and the equipment, as well as the materials used on site. For any type of […]