The Advantages of Different Types of Commercial Alarm Systems

Construction Site Alarm

When it comes to keeping your business secure and safe, you certainly have a lot of options available. After all, security devices now on the market are more sophisticated and more high-tech than ever before, and whether your business is small or large, retail or corporate, you can easily find security devices that can accommodate […]

What Are Fire Marshals?

Few words instil fear into a business owner quite like the shout of “fire!” and it takes only mere seconds before a blaze can wreak havoc on your construction site. The moments between a fire starting and someone taking action are critical and can be the difference between a quick 15 minutes of panic or […]

What Is a Construction Site Fire Point and Why Do You Need It

Fire incidents at construction sites are common. In 2019, Fire Safety Matters reported more than 400 fire incidents at construction sites in the UK. The good news is – loss of life on construction sites due to fire is uncommon. The bad news is – fire incidents lead to enormous losses for construction companies in […]

Vehicle Hazards in Construction Sites: A Site Manager’s Guide

  Do you want to maintain a safe construction site? You may need to hire a traffic marshal. Construction work is widely considered one of the most hazardous activities. The rate of injury is much higher compared to many other industries with over 58,000 non-fatal injuries each year in the UK. Vehicle accidents are the […]