The real value of affordable security services

In today’s trying financial situation, it’s critical to locate firms who provide a high-quality service while also catering to individuals on a low budget. Firecore Secure excels in this field. It is one of our strongest suits, according to our consumers! If you are searching for low-cost security guards, value security services, or low-cost retail […]

Event Security

Event Security is a means of protecting and securing various events to ensure that the end result is total success. The event surveillance service is a strategy in the field of security that allows you to protect the big events you want to organize at a given time. In order to lead to the success […]

Last weekend before Christmas

Last weekend before Christmas

Retail theft has risen dramatically over the course of 2020. Statistics show that attacks targeted directly at shoppers were up 21% this year. The lengthening period of promotional sales and events in December also means the window of opportunity for criminals is much larger. Extra security measures are not only recommended but are almost compulsory […]

This Is What You Need To Know About Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites are prone to criminal activities and health hazards. The risk of theft and vandalism in the construction industry is higher than any other industry in the UK. While tools were the most common commodity stolen from UK construction sites in 2018, theft of expensive machinery like excavators was also reported. This is because […]

Your Key To Safety: A Warehouse Alarm System

In the UK, warehouse theft costs businesses £915 million per year. For most businesses, the warehouse is where large-scale theft is most likely to occur. Multiple entry points and aisles of inventory make warehouses an attractive target. Both large-scale and small-scale thefts can have a big impact on your business. Beyond the financial loss, warehouse […]

Why You Should Invest in Commercial Security

5 signs that you need a new security guard for your office

Commercial security is a holistic security solution for commercial properties, their assets, and their employees that predicts and prevents any potential risks; and guards and protects these properties from the occurrence of fire, theft, vandalism, etc. This includes CCTV, fire security systems, security guards, mobile security solutions, and biometric access control systems. A recent addition […]

Leicester COVID-19 Lockdown

Lockdown rules in Leicester? Non-essential shops will close. Schools will close from Thursday and will not reopen until next term. However, they will stay open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers People should avoid all but essential travel “stay at home as much as you can” Restaurants, pubs, cafes, hairdressers and cinemas will […]

Security in London

FACTS Businesses should not underestimate the value of security companies as ‘A Londoner is likely caught on a security camera over 400 times a day’ according to reports! Is London Safe? There is a lot of news about crime in London today, so really, how safe is London London is a historical, multicultural city that […]