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CCTV Cameras for industrial buildings

CCTV Cameras for industrial buildings

The so-called industrial estates in which most of the warehouses are located are outside urban areas. They are in places with little traffic and after the closing time of the working day, they have poor lighting, which makes them vulnerable places. Which makes them potential targets for theft and vandalism in general, difficult crimes to solve.

The security systems that we install use CCTV cameras for industrial buildings and have become the most effective when it comes to preventing or serving as evidence for the resolution of an act of vandalism.

Security cameras for industrial buildings

There are many security cameras on the market today and they are designed to cover a wide variety of needs, from a group of three cameras to 30, depending on the size of the facilities and their most vulnerable spaces.

We have recorders with memory card, night vision and motion sensor. These teams send high quality images to our cell phone or tablet from three cameras, allowing us to clearly see the external and internal spaces of the industrial warehouse.

CCTV Cameras for industrial buildings

In addition, this equipment can be connected with other external security systems that would complement other functions. Apart from the motion sensors that the cameras already have, we can also have access to sensors for smoke, gas or the on and off of all the lights.

CCTV cameras for industrial buildings

We have mentioned that due to their characteristics, industrial estates are the target of theft, so we must monitor both the interior and exterior of the facilities. The surveillance cameras for industrial buildings that we install work to protect the interests of the owner and also to protect the company from possible theft by the employees themselves.

The only requirement that we must meet in case of is to install cameras outside that they do not record the public road. Inmates cannot record restrooms or staff rest areas.

Respecting these legal guidelines, we can say that if a crime is generated, the cameras often act as a deterrent tool and the recorded videos could become strong evidence for the authorities to find the whereabouts of the criminals.

CCTV (Closed Circuit Television)

CCTV cameras for industrial buildings and high quality and maximum resolution recording systems are essential for the installation of a CCTV (Closed Circuit Television).

There are different types of cameras, both IP and analog: thermal cameras, fixed mini domes, cameras with LEDs, day / night cameras, among many others.

The visualization of the images from anywhere, using a cell phone, tablet or computer, with maximum clarity and without cuts is one of the advantages offered by CCTV.

So if you are in London or any other zone in United Kingdom and you have an unprotected industrial warehouse, do not hesitate to contact us to generate the installation of the best security system, which can include alarms, CCTV cameras, surveillance cameras for industrial buildings and everything you need to be give you peace of mind and security.

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