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CCTV Monitoring for Supermarkets

CCTV Monitoring for Supermarkets

Firecore Secure specialists draw up projects, install and provide maintenance services for video surveillance systems perfectly adapted to the specific individual requirements.

Video monitoring systems (C.C.T.V. – Closed Circuit Television) are essential for securing your business or home, protecting you at all times, in a discreet and highly effective way.

Supermarket video surveillance

CCTV Monitoring systems consist of several components, starting from video surveillance cameras, monitors, and memory hard drives and continuing with Digital Video Recorders (DVRs), all with the role of capturing, recording and being able to watch 24/7.

Video monitoring cameras can be wired (recommended solution) or wireless (wireless), can be large and visible or small and hidden in various objects, the most common are those hidden in PIR motion sensors or in sensors smoke.

They can be accessed via the INTERNET at any time, from any location or even from your mobile phone, giving you the opportunity to watch in real time what is happening in the locations where the video surveillance systems have been installed.

Vandal-proof indoor video camera-outdoor-surveillance-camera-Kmw-surveillance-camera-35m-6mm-infrared-outdoor-surveillance-camera
A video monitoring system can consist of surveillance cameras that can capture sound or video surveillance cameras with infrared LEDs that also have night vision.

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