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Firecore Secure is the leading provider of CCTV Outdoor Camera in Leicestershire

Firecore Secure provides [post_title] and complete security solutions managed by our dedicated team that protect your business 24 hours 365 days a year. Our security officers are trained and experienced in deterring unwanted behaviour and do not let anything go unnoticed in you building site. Our specialised CCTV security team monitor each camera closely so you can be rest assured that any suspicious activity won’t be missed. Even though CCTV is a visual deterrence it is also a first response as our guards are trained to act fast in case of an emergency and will contact the emergency services if needed. Our [post_title] will be monitored carefully 24/7.
  • Complete site security 24/7.
  • Extendable mast to help cover large areas.
  • Minimum false alarms with our smart detection system.
  • Audio system to challenge any intruder.
  • 360-degree intrusion detection.
  • Blue energy power pack provides a long-lasting power solution.
  • Additional rapid deployment towers can be added to provide extra coverage.
  • Excellent security solution for construction sites, vacant properties, rail and highway projects, utilities and infrastructure projects, etc.
  • Highly efficient and more cost-effective than traditional guarding services.
With traditional CCTV cameras, the wires can restrict their placement in some locations, leaving certain parts of your building unmonitored. Our [post_title] allow you to cover the entire site without compromising on safety or security.

Building sites are different, both in terms of location, environmental conditions and requires, but there are common factors for fundamental protection in order to ensure safety:

  • A detailed risk appraisal is important for the site and should demonstrate physical protection, organisational safety and improvements during each period of work.
  • Protocols should be set in order to reduce the risks found in the risk review.
  • Limiting entry, both to cars and to tourists on foot, is important in reducing the opportunities for unauthorised access. Numbers should be restricted and only permitted cars and individuals present – no one, including site staff, should be allowed to enter the site from an open entrance.
  • Vehicle insecurity can be resolved with intervention that involves key protocols such that the plant that is temporarily offline is not left unattended with the ignition keys. Both keys should be signed in and out and cars not in operation should be secured in a separate parking area or on-site garage. Both plants should be supplied with immobilisation and control facilities.

Try our CCTV Outdoor Camera in Leicestershire from Firecore Secure and we will guarantee Great Rates, Free Security Site Assessment and Prices to Suit All Budgets

Our [post_title] are installed and fully operational in just a matter of hours, ensuring that your site is monitored and protected. The Firecore Secure 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers  is a comprehensive site security solution which delivers considerable reductions in cost. Our  are an ideal solution for temporary and semi-permanent sites. Even though our product is ideal for construction sites, it is also highly recommended for:
  • Car parks
  • Shopping centres
  • Business parks
  • Retail parks
  • Industrial estates, etc. 
Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV tower is designed to provide a complete site security solution for construction sites. Our [post_title] services are available in any location in the UK on a temporary basis, ideal for semi-permanent sites. Our engineers install our towers quickly and efficiently. It is a simple and straightforward setup procedure which renders the towers operational within minutes. Our 24/7 monitored rapid deployment CCTV towers are designed in such a way that they can be positioned in even the most inaccessible locations, providing 24/7 protection. Once our [post_title] is set up, it runs smoothly and requires minimal maintenance. For a customer-focused and professional security company, contact Firecore Secure and speak to one of our friendly team members today 03301 139 707. An full guidance can be read at The London Knife   Crime Strategy other serious violent offences, and were deemed to be amongst the most prolific and high risk offenders within

Mobile Security Patrol for your CCTV Monitored Sites

Firecore Secure Limited is a customer-oriented company fully committed to fulfilling your security and safety requirements. We take pride in providing professional security and safety services, 24/7—365 days a year. 

UK construction site theft costs £800 million per year, with over 7000 metal related thefts recorded per month alone. (Source: Allianz Cornhill Insurance. December 6, 2017)

Our mobile security patrol is an effective measure to protect locations that may not require the presence of a full-time security officer. Firecore Secure deploy highly trained and experienced mobile security officers to safeguard your premises against potential vandalism, theft or even water damage.

Our fully trained mobile patrol security officers provide all of our clients with peace of mind knowing that their buildings are secure at all times. Our clients trust us to keep their sites safe and deter any criminal activities.

Firecore Secure has many years of experience, and the expert knowledge needed to provide you with a comprehensive safety and security service. Our dedicated guards have a duty of care to our clients, providing security services 24/7, 365 days a year.

Our guards are specialists in controlled entry, restraining trespassers, patrolling all areas of a premises and looking out for any illegal activities on our clients’ sites. Our mobile security patrol guards work as an effective deterrent, encouraging the public to act in a safe and legal manner. With all the new technology available today, there is still no better deterrent than a real security guard who is well equipped and has the correct training and experience in how to deal with all complex situations that may occur.

For a customer-focused and dedicated security company, contact Firecore Secure and speak to one of our friendly team members today.

A variety of studies have been undertaken on the effects of CCTV services on the prevention of crime, and both government agencies such as the Security Camera Commission and research organisations such as the Cambell Partnership believe that there is a conclusive connection.

Yes. You are legally obliged to warn anyone that they are filming on your premises.

Yeah, it is possible to record and control cars and allow live warnings of identified vehicles of interest according to the form of cameras and recorders.

The CCTV system can be used to identify “people of interest” and to supply our monitoring centre with local live warnings, remote warnings and can even be combined with the access system to unlock or lock doors.

If you record CCTV in your company premises, all of the video is yours, assuming that it complies with the government guidelines. Firecore Secure monitored CCTV systems store on-site video, enabling you to access and download it quickly as desired. Although we will view the photographs from more sophisticated options and have a more comprehensive protection measure, you already own the picture legally.

In more common versions, the video is stored online, which allows the user and anybody who needs to check it. With Firecore Secure Visual Analytics, sophisticated algorithms track the feeds to identify threats before they occur. When this is detected, a member of our Control and Command Center staff is alerted, enabling them to view the video and take necessary action.

Yes. You will use the CCTV device as testimony in court when your company is the target of a crime. There are also strict rules for what the cameras are and cannot record, like the property of others. The experienced installation team from Firecore Secure will address these recommendations with you in your company through the right positions for cameras.

The Firecore Secure Information Service has a special unit of police support officers to assist you in creating a case in the event of an incident. Our staff use their skills to create identities to produce 5x5x5 intelligence assessments that are provided directly to the police to assist the issuing of prohibition orders.

Yeah, we will include management details such as counting of customers, heat maps for places of interest, customer movement data, facial and sex data, dwell times for important locations, and service cue times based on the camera and device platform mounted.

Yeah, you can enter your EPOS (Electronic Sales Point) in order to have sortable video proof of the transactions alongside your CCTV footage.

The answer is Yes. CCTV will be a strong opportunity for workers to stay occupied when at work, and for their wellbeing and possible crime to be prevented. Nevertheless, you have to make sure they know when and where they are not firing. There are also very unique areas, such as at bathrooms or at labour sessions, where the workers cannot be tracked. The General Data Protection Rule (GDPR) extends to all recording cases.

Not all cameras are equipped to record sound, but many are able to record audio. Although it is up to the company owner to record audio or not the organisation must notify employees and consumers that it is recorded.

Not all of them. The activities in low-light conditions are limited to infrarot and night-view cameras.

Yup, it is possible to capture the CCTV footage to a protected cloud server, depending on the camera and computer you are equiped with It provides both live and historical images, from a PC or from your mobile device, which can also be viewed from a distance to back up essential data.

The CCTV will be completely up to you when you are enabled until you’re mounted. Of course, you would want cameras running 24/7, particularly when the company is closed, if you want maximum security. However, you don’t really need CCTV in service if you want to save money on your electricity bills.

A self-installed CCTV system and alarm can be easily exploited remotely since most cameras are attached to the IP address of your internet. However if you plan to use the CCTV system from Firecore Safe, you pay for a secure network that detects cyber attacks – thus dramatically reducing the chance of hacking.

Any registered image is kept in place so that it can be retrieved whenever appropriate. You also have the potential to have remote smartphone access that allows you to watch live CCTV streams.

CCTV cameras broadcast digital images over a secure Internet network and thereby reject the need for a wired link. Internet Protocol (IP) This allows you to position IP cameras and access them via a smartphone or tablet in more remote locations.

Using artificial video intelligence and profound learning tools, the CCTV device will provide live warnings of suspicious activity vs. ordinary behaviour and help increase the use of your protection workers by paying greater attention to abnormal incidents.


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Security is something far too many people don’t think about until it’s too late.

But on the other hand, security ought to be something you don’t have to think about all the time, so you can get on with your day-to-day work.

At Firecore Secure, we take that worry out of your hands, bringing our experience and excellent customer service to your site or event, with the assurance that you can sleep at night knowing you’re protected.

Building Site Security in London Services in London give security guard services in London City seated in South East, sited close by Harborne in England in the West Central, dealing with a clientele of London, companies, business owners and establishments. Building Site Security in London Services in London, South East supplies Region Security Guarding, Security Guard Training Course and Security Guard Jobs Services. Building Site Security in London security guard services such as, Security Company in London, South East based in the West Central of England and security guard in London and security guard services in London incorporating 24 hour 7 days a week support to users.

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Building Site Security in London  are specialists in security guard services including; region security events guarding, Airport Security, dog k9 patrols, security company, Monitored Building Site, Monitored CCTV System, Monitored Wireless CCTV System, Rapid Deployment Monitored CCTV Tower, Safe Return to Work – Body Thermal Imaging, Time Lapse Camera, Security Guards in London , Building Site Security covering London , Industrial Security for London , Warehouse Security in central London , Retail Security in London  shops and Malls, Traffic Marshall for Building Sites in London, Fire Marshall for all Building projects, K9 Security for Private Properties or any Malls in London , Event Security for all Pubs from London , Mobile Security Patrol 24/7 surveillance in London , Vacant Property Security for you in London , Corporate Security for any company in London , Concierge Security for hotels and restaurants in London , Airport Security for London  Airport, Energy & Natural Resource Security for people from London , Educational Security for all school around London . We serve customers to all surrounding locations to London  in South East in the region of the West Central of England including, Rotton Park, Lee Bank London , Edgbaston, King’s Heath, Stirchley South East, Alcester Lane’s End, Brandwood End, Yardley Wood, Warstock London, Highter’s Heath, Wake Green, Springfield, Moseley South East, Moor Green, Cannon Hill and the London neighbourhood.         

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East Midlands Sub Locations:

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construction-site-security-in-greenwich-se10 construction-site-security-in-eltham-se9 construction-site-security-in-mottingham-se9 construction-site-security-in-deptford-se8 construction-site-security-in-charlton-se7 construction-site-security-in-catford-se6 construction-site-security-in-hither-green-se6 construction-site-security-in-bellingham-se6 construction-site-security-in-camberwell-se5 construction-site-security-in-brockley-se4 construction-site-security-in-crofton-park-se4 construction-site-security-in-honor-oak-park-se4 construction-site-security-in-blackheath-se3 construction-site-security-in-westcombe-park-se3 construction-site-security-in-abbey-wood-se2 construction-site-security-in-bermondsey-se1 construction-site-security-in-waterloo-se1 construction-site-security-in-southwark-se1 construction-site-security-in-borough-se1 construction-site-security-in-golders-green-nw11 construction-site-security-in-hampstead-gdn-suburb-nw11 construction-site-security-in-harlesden-nw10 construction-site-security-in-winchmore-hill-n21 construction-site-security-in-whetstone-n20 construction-site-security-in-totteridge-n20 construction-site-security-in-archway-n19 construction-site-security-in-tufnell-park-n19 construction-site-security-in-hackney-e8 construction-site-security-in-upper-edmonton-n18 construction-site-security-in-tottenham-n17 construction-site-security-in-stoke-newington-n16 construction-site-security-in-stamford-hill-n16 construction-site-security-in-seven-sisters-n15 construction-site-security-in-southgate-n14 construction-site-security-in-palmers-green-n13 construction-site-security-in-north-finchley-n12 construction-site-security-in-woodside-park-n12 construction-site-security-in-friern-barnet-n11 construction-site-security-in-new-southgate-n11 construction-site-security-in-muswell-hill-n10 construction-site-security-in-lower-edmonton-n9 construction-site-security-in-hornsey-n8 construction-site-security-in-crouch-end-n8 construction-site-security-in-holloway-n7 construction-site-security-in-highgate-n6 construction-site-security-in-highbury-n5 construction-site-security-in-finsbury-park-n4 construction-site-security-in-manor-house-n4 construction-site-security-in-finchley-central-n3 construction-site-security-in-east-finchley-n2 construction-site-security-in-islington-n1 construction-site-security-in-barnsbury-n1 construction-site-security-in-canonbury-n1 construction-site-security-in-fleet-street-ec4 construction-site-security-in-st-pauls-ec4 construction-site-security-in-homerton-e9 construction-site-security-in-willesden-nw10 construction-site-security-in-kensal-green-nw10 construction-site-security-in-kinsbury-nw9 construction-site-security-in-colindale-nw9 construction-site-security-in-st-johns-wood-nw8 construction-site-security-in-mill-hill-nw7 construction-site-security-in-kilburn-nw6 construction-site-security-in-west-hampstead-nw6 construction-site-security-in-queens-park-nw6 construction-site-security-in-kentish-town-nw5 construction-site-security-in-hendon-nw4/ construction-site-security-in-brent-cross-nw4 construction-site-security-in-whitechapel-e1 construction-site-security-in-stepney-e1 construction-site-security-in-mile-end-e1 construction-site-security-in-wapping-e1w construction-site-security-near-me construction-site-security-bethnal-green-e2 construction-site-security-in-shoreditch-e2 construction-site-security-in-hampstead-nw3 construction-site-security-in-swiss-cottage-nw3 construction-site-security-in-cricklewood-nw2 construction-site-security-in-neasden-nw2 construction-site-security-in-regents-park-nw1 construction-site-security-in-camden-town-nw1 construction-site-security-in-wood-green-n22 construction-site-security-in-alexandra-palace-n22 construction-site-security-in-hackney-e9 construction-site-security-in-monument-ec3 construction-site-security-in-tower-hill-ec3 construction-site-security-in-aldgate-ec3 construction-site-security-in-moorgate-ec2 construction-site-security-in-liverpool-street-ec2 construction-site-security-in-barbican-ec1 construction-site-security-in-finsbury-ec1 construction-site-security-in-covent-garden-wc2-2 construction-site-security-in-covent-garden-wc2 construction-site-security-in-bloomsbury-wc1-2 construction-site-security-in-strand-wc2 construction-site-security-in-bloomsbury-wc1 construction-site-security-in-grays-inn-wc1 construction-site-security-in-isle-of-dogs-e14 construction-site-security-in-millwall-e14 construction-site-security-in-poplar-e14 construction-site-security-in-west-ham-e15 construction-site-security-in-canning-town-e16 construction-site-security-in-north-woolwich-e16 construction-site-security-in-docklands-e16 construction-site-security-in-south-woodford-e18-2 construction-site-security-in-south-woodford-e18 construction-site-security-in-olympic-park-e20 construction-site-security-in-plaistow-e13 construction-site-security-in-east-london construction-site-security-in-manor-park-e12 construction-site-security-in-leytonstone-e11 construction-site-security-in-leyton-e10 construction-site-security-in-west-kensington-w14 construction-site-security-in-west-ealing-w13 construction-site-security-in-shepherds-bush-w12 construction-site-security-in-notting-hill-w11 construction-site-security-in-holland-park-w11 construction-site-security-in-north-kensington-w10 construction-site-security-in-ladbroke-grove-w10 construction-site-security-in-maida-vale-w9 construction-site-security-in-warwick-avenue-w9 construction-site-security-in-kensington-w8 construction-site-security-in-hanwell-w7 construction-site-security-in-hammersmith-w6 construction-site-security-in-ealing-w5 construction-site-security-in-chiswick-w4 construction-site-security-in-acton-w3 construction-site-security-in-bayswater-w2 construction-site-security-in-paddington-w2 construction-site-security-in-mayfair-w1 construction-site-security-in-marylebone-w1 construction-site-security-in-soho-w1 construction-site-security-in-south-wimbledon-sw20 construction-site-security-in-east-ham-e6 construction-site-security-in-clapton-e5 construction-site-security-in-highams-park-e4 construction-site-security-in-raynes-park-sw20 construction-site-security-in-wimbledon-sw19 construction-site-security-in-merton-sw19 construction-site-security-in-wandsworth-sw18 construction-site-security-in-earlsfield-sw18 construction-site-security-in-tooting-sw17 construction-site-security-in-streatham-hill-sw16 construction-site-security-in-streatham-sw16 construction-site-security-in-norbury-sw16 construction-site-security-in-putney-sw15 construction-site-security-in-roehampton-sw15 construction-site-security-in-mortlake-sw14 construction-site-security-in-east-sheen-sw14 construction-site-security-in-barnes-sw13 construction-site-security-in-castelnau-sw13 construction-site-security-in-balham-sw12 construction-site-security-in-battersea-sw11 construction-site-security-in-clapham-junction-sw11 construction-site-security-in-west-brompton-sw10 construction-site-security-in-worlds-end-sw10 construction-site-security-in-stockwell-sw9 construction-site-security-in-dalston-e8 construction-site-security-in-forest-gate-e7 construction-site-security-in-upton-park-e7 construction-site-security-in-brixton-sw9 construction-site-security-in-south-lambeth-sw8 construction-site-security-in-nine-elms-sw8 construction-site-security-in-south-kensington-sw7 construction-site-security-in-fulham-sw6 construction-site-security-in-parsons-green-sw6 construction-site-security-in-earls-court-sw5 construction-site-security-in-clapham-sw4 construction-site-security-in-chelsea-sw3 construction-site-security-in-brompton-sw3 construction-site-security-in-brixton-sw2 construction-site-security-in-streatham-hill-sw2 construction-site-security-in-westminster-sw1 construction-site-security-in-belgravia-sw1 construction-site-security-in-pimlico-sw1 construction-site-security-in-thamesmead-se28 construction-site-security-in-west-norwood-se27 construction-site-security-in-sydenham-se26 construction-site-security-in-south-norwood-se25 construction-site-security-in-herne-hill-se24 construction-site-security-in-forest-hill-se23 construction-site-security-in-east-dulwich-e22 construction-site-security-in-chingford-e4 construction-site-security-in-bromley-by-bow-e3 construction-site-security-in-dulwich-se21 construction-site-security-in-penge-se20 construction-site-security-in-anerley-se20 construction-site-security-in-crystal-palace-se19-2 construction-site-security-in-upper-norwood-se19 construction-site-security-in-crystal-palace-se19 construction-site-security-in-woolwich-se18 construction-site-security-in-plumstead-se18 construction-site-security-in-walworth-se17 construction-site-security-in-elephant-castle-se17 construction-site-security-in-south-bermonsey-se16 construction-site-security-in-rotherhithe-se16 construction-site-security-in-surrey-docks-se16 construction-site-security-in-peckham-se15 construction-site-security-in-nunhead-se15 construction-site-security-in-new-cross-se14 construction-site-security-in-new-cross-gate-se14 construction-site-security-in-lewisham-se13 construction-site-security-in-hither-green-se13 construction-site-security-in-lee-se12 construction-site-security-in-grove-park-se12 construction-site-security-in-lambeth-se11 construction-site-security-in-bow-e3

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