Firecore Secure

Construction and Building Site Security Services in London sites

Construction and Building Site Security Services in London

As times are changing so are security measures.

Security Surveillance has become a vital need in premises. As this does not only help to prevent theft but also helps to protect against vandalism.
Most construction companies have chosen to protect their property and equipment by hiring private security to ensure all their belongings are looked after 24/7.

Firecore secure have their own bespoke department which help you choose between different levels of security. E.G. guards with or without a dog, control patrols, CCTV cameras or fire alarms. In general, the most effective means of protection continues to be active and face-to-face security is still very common and preferred.  

FCS security guards are in charge of:

• Patrolling
• Access control and identification of people and vehicles.
• Orientation of visits.
• Verification of installations and security systems.
• Gatehouse security
• Monitoring of Video Surveillance Cameras
• Key holding security
• Full working hours report
• Prevent vandalism

Our security guards  carry out all the surveillance and supervision tasks on the work site, set according to the specific requirements of the client’s needs, to ensure maximum protection of materials and premises.
Security guards have the correct facilities so they can monitor different locations and intervene if necessary.

Electronic security or passive security solutions complete the range of possibilities, both with video CCTV cameras and with alarms of all kinds, volumetric, sensor or pass-through.

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