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This Is What You Need To Know About Construction Site CCTV

Construction sites are prone to criminal activities and health hazards. The risk of theft and vandalism in the construction industry is higher than any other industry in the UK. While tools were the most common commodity stolen from UK construction sites in 2018, theft of expensive machinery like excavators was also reported. This is because of the temporary nature of the workforce and projects, and the busy nature of the sites. Even insurance companies cover construction sites only if they incorporate satisfactory security systems. Therefore, it is important to tighten the security at your construction site. The most effective solution is to install a construction site CCTV for video surveillance 24/7. 

What is CCTV?

Construction site CCTV

CCTV or Closed Circuit Television is an integrated system of cameras and monitors that allows you to see high-quality live footage, track activities, and record videos for later use. They are mostly used by commercial security companies such as Firecore Secure (FCS) to ensure safety at their client sites and also serve as evidence in case of any crimes. A construction site CCTV helps to monitor, track, and record all activities that take place within the boundaries of the site. 

How Safe is Your Construction Site?

Some major construction firms reported a 50% surge in thefts of tools and machinery at their construction sites during the Coronavirus lockdown. According to HSE, there was a 27% increase in the number of construction workers that sustained fatal injuries in 2018 in the UK. Allianz has also reported that the construction industry suffered a loss estimated £800m in 2017 through theft and vandalism of plant and machinery. In a 2016 research, 92% of construction industry professionals who participated in the study reported that their sites experienced theft either weekly, monthly, or yearly. 

These stats are a reminder for you to invest in commercial security systems for your construction sites (if you haven’t already!).

Why is Construction Site CCTV Important?

Now that you know how unsafe your construction site can be – installing CCTVs will help to supervise construction workers, save time and resources, and help to track the progress of your projects. 

  1. Supervise Your Construction Site – Installing a CCTV is a reliable method to supervise your construction site thoroughly. You can supervise and track the daily activities of your workers, architects, engineers, etc., and make sure they are taking all safety precautions. You can also oversee the use of resources such as tools, machinery, cement, etc. If you notice something odd, you can save time by taking corrective action immediately. Thus, you can determine the workers’ work rate and the usage of resources remotely. 
  1. Promote Safety and Prevent Crime – CCTVs can help to promote safety in two ways. One, the workers will take all safety precautions and use their safety equipment judiciously. Two, the presence of cameras will prevent thefts and crimes as everyone on the site will fear being watched 24/7. If a crime takes place, the CCTV footage will serve as the main evidence to resolve the case. Thus, CCTVs help to prevent accidents and crimes, resolve disputes, and keep intruders away. 
  1. Analyze Your Project Progress – You can constantly monitor the progress of your project and analyze the need for resources. This way, workers will engage in more productive activities. CCTVs will help you to understand the pace of your project and you can tweak your business strategy accordingly. This will also help to plan your future business decisions. If something seems off, you can always use the CCTV recording to cross-check. 
  1. Aid in Crimes and Accidents – CCTVs not only help to save costs and resources but also help to benefit from insurance. The camera recordings serve as important evidence in case of a crime or accident. This proof also helps to claim insurance money. This will help in resolving legal disputes and avoiding such mishaps in the future. Some companies also use recordings for marketing their construction projects. For instance, they might make a time-lapse video to share the journey of their project.

All in all, you end up controlling resources better and benefitting if something goes wrong. 

How to Choose the Right CCTV For Your Construction Site?

Convinced that you need a construction site CCTV, but have no clue how to choose the right one? The following factors will help you to choose the best CCTV for your site:

  1. Location Of The Construction Site – Analyze how safe is the location of your construction site. Answer these questions – What is the crime rate in the neighborhood? How many accidents take place in that area? Is the area prone to flood or fire accidents? What resources do you have at your disposal? These questions will help you understand the location and number of cameras you need to install. You might also need to appoint mobile commercial security
  1. Specifics Of The Construction Site – Next, you need to understand the specifics of your construction site. Know the size, the number of points of entry, the area to cover in CCTV, the lighting, and the busy areas. These specifics will help you understand how much area can be covered by one camera. This will further help you decide how many cameras you will need. 
  1. Infrastructure For CCTV Camera – Find out the available infrastructure on your construction site. Is it easy to use data cables? Are there any poles around? Is the lighting enough? These questions will help you decide which CCTV system to invest in – wired or wireless? Will you need a tower along with the cameras?
  1. Budget – Decide a budget for your security system. Make a list of features that you need such as an alarm system, time-lapse videos, video analysis software, etc. Figure out if you need a temporary arrangement or a permanent contract.

Therefore, get a thorough understanding of these factors to find a CCTV camera that best meets all your criteria.

Construction Site CCTV Systems by FCS

If you don’t know where to start, get a free quote and an initial consultation from FCS. They are the best construction site CCTV service providers all across the UK. They have been serving their clients in the construction industry for over a decade and are well known for their excellent customer service and affordable rates.

They offer these CCTV services: monitored CCTV system, monitored wireless CCTV system, rapid deployment monitored CCTV tower, and time-lapse camera. Their cameras are Ultra HD image quality with audio capabilities and allow you to monitor them on your mobile devices. 


CCTV cameras help to supervise your construction site, promote safety and prevent crimes, analyze the progress of your project, and provide evidence in case of crimes and accidents. If you own a construction business or manage a construction site, invest in CCTV cameras for a long term benefit. Just make sure you understand your site requirements well. In the long run, you can avoid losses, and benefit from situations beyond your control. Therefore, it only makes sense to invest in an efficient video surveillance security system to guard and manage your construction site.

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