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Construction site time lapse systems provide a unique way to capture the development of a project. You can record the progress of your project from beginning to end, creating a snapshot of your accomplishments.

Time lapse videos offer a wide range of advantages. You can use them to demonstrate the scale of your construction projects. Or in other words, you can create more effective marketing material. You also have the option of recording aerial footage using a drone.

Here is a closer look at why you should think about using a time lapse system on your construction site.


What Is a Construction Site Time Lapse Camera System?

A time lapse camera system captures a series of images over a long period and then compiles them into a video. When recording standard video, the camera captures film frames at a set rate, such as 30 frames per second (FPS). Time lapse systems allow you to spread the capture of film frames out. When the video is compiled, time appears to fly by. This allows you to record activities across days or months.

For example, time lapse photography is frequently used to show the sun setting or rising over a landscape or cityscape.

With a construction site time lapse system, you can capture every moment of the project in a condensed video. A project that takes months to complete can be shown in a one-minute to two-minute video.


Advantages of Using a Construction Site Time Lapse System

Time lapse photography provides another perspective for showcasing your work. There are many reasons to consider using a construction site time lapse system, including:

  • High-definition (HD) and 4K to 8K video
  • The ability to combine graphics, video, and music
  • Capture drone footage for an aerial view of the site
  • Record data coded images based on project timeframe
  • Use your video for enhanced marketing or shareholder presentations
  • Use time lapse videos for training purposes
  • Document workplace accidents and safety violations

In addition to showcasing your work, you may also want to use time lapse photography to document your project for internal use. For example, some construction companies and site managers maintain detailed archives of each project. Along with photographs of the site, you can capture a high-quality time lapse video to provide a complete overview.


Capture High-Quality Video of Your Construction Site

The latest time lapse cameras feature high-definition sensors. You can record HD footage, including 4K and 8K video.

A high-definition camera is essential for producing a quality time lapse video. Footage obtained with a lower resolution camera may appear grainy. You may struggle to make out the details of the images, especially when filming a large construction site.

At FCS, we only use the best available camera equipment to record your time lapse videos.


Compile the Video with Graphics and Music

After recording the time lapse footage, you have endless options for producing your final video. You can simply choose to use the raw footage with no major edits. However, if you plan on using the video for marketing purposes, you may want to enhance the video with graphics and music.

You may even combine the time lapse video with other footage to create a unique advertisement. The video and images can be used in any manner that you choose, giving you complete flexibility.


Obtain an Aerial View of Your Construction Site

Many time lapse videos are recorded using mounted cameras in stationary positions. In some cases, you may prefer to have an aerial view of the construction site.


aerial view construction site


Using high-tech drones, we can capture footage from above your construction site. The elevated position provides a birds-eye view of your construction activities, and is also useful when there are no suitable positions for mounting a stationary camera.


Record Data Coded Images According to Your Timeframe

You can set the start and end date for your time lapse video, ensuring that the video covers the entire project. You also have the option of recording data coded images.

The images can be hardcoded with the date that the image was taken. This makes it easier for viewers to understand the progression of time when watching a time lapse video.

Hardcoded data is also beneficial when using video as evidence for dealing with crimes, safety violations, or accidents. You have verifiable evidence that contains the exact date.


Use Your Video for Marketing or Presentations

One of the best uses of a construction site time lapse video is for marketing. You can use time lapse videos for television commercials, trade shows, and online marketing content. Share your video on social media platforms or your website to showcase your work.

You may also use time lapse videos for shareholder meetings and presentations. Shareholders may not physically visit your construction sites. Showing them a video gives them a clearer view of the typical construction activities.


presentation training


Use Construction Site Time Lapse Videos for Training Purposes

A time lapse video can also be a useful training aid. It can give new workers an overview of the activities that occur on a typical construction site. The video provides a complete record of everything, showing the xuse of equipment and machinery to construct or renovate new properties.

New workers can easily see the types of equipment used and the flow of various construction tasks. This insight may make it easier for new hires to grasp their role and responsibilities.


Document Workplace Accidents and Safety Violations

Onsite monitoring combined with time lapse video helps increase job site safety. The time lapse videos that you create provide a detailed record of every activity, including any accidents or safety violations that occur.

You gain a record of events that can help determine liability for accidents. In conclusion, the video may also help you review and improve your safety protocols, reducing the risk of future accidents and injuries.


Create Superior Video with Professionally Installed Time Lapse

To enjoy the advantages discussed, you need to ensure that your time lapse system is installed properly. Strong winds, heavy rain, and other elements may keep the cameras from capturing images from the same position. This results in an unprofessional video. 

The placement of the cameras, the type of cameras, and the selection of equipment directly impact the quality of your final video.

If you want to produce high-quality time lapse videos, contact the experts at FCS.


Why Choose Us to Install Your Time Lapse System?

FCS is a leading provider of security solutions throughout the UK. We specialise in security guarding and fire safety for the construction industry. As part of our services, we offer professional CCTV installation, giving us vast experience with setting up camera systems on construction sites.

We aim to give every customer a superior level of service. Explore some of the benefits of choosing FCS:

  • We have been in business for over 10 years
  • Service the whole of the United Kingdom
  • We offer a wide range of security services
  • We offer affordable rates for all services
  • Free quotations – Request your quote today!

Our team has helped secure construction sites and businesses for over 10 years. Along with the time lapse system installation, we offer 24/7 security guards for construction sites. This includes both permanent on-site guards and mobile patrol security guards.

Time lapse video gives you a new way to look at your construction activities. You can improve your marketing material, document your projects, and showcase your construction efforts to shareholders.

To learn more about our services, including construction site time lapse video, get in touch with us at FCS.

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