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Construction sites are hit by theft early in new developments and often.

Construction sites are hit by theft early in new developments and often. We going to explain the basics of building a threat prevention system that criminals will learn to fear.

If you break ground and work start sort of CCTV target identification and reconnaissance now some people just throw up cameras and hope that they’re going to deter crime the problem with that is that most of these criminals either work for your contractors or get tipped off by them so they already know that the cameras can’t stop them from stealing your stuff and they probably know exactly where your cameras are. Another thing is that once the thief makes it out of your construction site with your stuff you probably aren’t going to get anything back at that time it’s more of a recovery mission and not so much of a threat prevention mission and we’ve got some solutions to cover recovery in another video the goal is make your site extremely uncomfortable for criminals and get law enforcement on site before the bad guys leave there are a few things that you need to build a solid prep prevention system video audio lighting physical barriers and some kind of a response mechanism.

Okay so we’ll talk about video first camera placement and choosing the right camera go hand-in-hand identify what you want to protect and find the ideal place. For a camera don’t worry about power and internet requirements yet just pick the best placement assuming you have everything that you need if you’re on a tight budget focus on all the entry points to the property from Main Roads and make sure you can at least track vehicle traffic in and out of your site.

Once you know what you want to protect and where you want to mount the cameras you can work with someone like alarm transfer to get camera recommendation and make sure your design makes sense.

The next thing to add to your arsenal is audio and people usually overlook this one. But why would you expect to stop anything from happening if you don’t have a way to let the bad guys know that you’re watching while they’re there trying to steal from you so be careful with trying to automate this one criminal will probe your system and make sure that you’re actually monitoring the live camera feed along those lines.

Is super important to think about lighting motion activated lighting is cool if you’re just trying to protect a tree or something like that but if you really need to protect your high-value assets you need some more intelligence behind it we use the combination of white lights and IR lives to make sure that we’ve got good coverage and colour detection at night and it also serves as a good deterrent another important piece of surveillance is getting your target to travel a pre-selected path you need to create choke points that force your target into the camera’s view do this by adding barriers on roads and forcing drivers to get out of their vehicles and move the barriers in order to get close to your assets.

The idea is to slow down the intruder to give you time to respond and time for the police to arrive this is the most important part response none of the previous stuff matters if there is no action after a threat is detected when a thief on the construction site knows what they’re looking for they can be in and out within 10 minutes if you have added barriers and that really helps but you have to factor in the time it takes you to get the alert check your video contact police and the police to respond alarm transfer can get police to the scene in five minutes.

But if you’re trying to do this yourself be prepared for a lot of false alerts and the need to factor that time into the equation is important so that’s it five steps to build a great threat prevention system that actually has a shot at stopping feeds you need video audio lighting physical barriers and some kind of way to respond if you want to learn more about this and get some details check out our products to secure your site.

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