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Event Security in London: Do You Really Need It?

How to decide which London event security team is right for you

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Planning an event is never easy, especially in these tumultuous times.

Overseeing a thousand tiny details, creating the smoothest production possible, and ensuring the enjoyment and safety of your guests – all the while still coming in under budget – can try anyone’s patience.

And with the UK event sector bringing in £42 billion a year, security newbies and start-ups of all stripes have entered the field of play in London event security – some better prepared to do so than others.

But just how important is it to hire professional, experienced security staff for your event?

Who needs event security – and who to trust

When it comes to event planning, simply knowing who to trust to take charge of managing your event security may be your biggest headache of all.

That’s where the Firecore Secure team comes in. When it comes to planning, manning, coordinating and executing event security in London and the surrounding area, no one is better equipped and trained than our team at Firecore Secure, and no one offers our level of professionalism at better rates.

Here’s why hiring the best security team you can get for your event should be a top priority.

Experience and Flexibility

First of all, it’s important to understand just what taking proper security measures for your event really entails.

For starters, there are the legal issues involved. The HSE has regulations in place mandating that event organisers are the ones who are ultimately responsible for the safety and health of anyone in attendance at a given event. That means that it falls to you to not only plan, manage and monitor the event, but also to make sure it is secure, and that your guests and staff will be safe throughout the set-up, execution, and tear-down of the event.


Secondly, the Private Security Industry Act of 2001 is clear on who and what kind of security must be provided for events of various sizes and types. There are strict regulations in place mandated by law regarding event staffing and oversight, and anyone who tries to sell you on loopholes or ways you can get around these rules is asking for trouble.

Worry-free security

Hiring a firm with a decade of experience like Firecore Secure takes the worry out of your hands as an event planner, because you can rest assured that our team is familiar with and follows all the proper regulations related to London event security. The Security Industry Authority licenses our staff, and the agency provides oversight and assessment for companies like ours in the field.

As the SIA itself notes, whilst it may be tempting to cut corners and contract with lower-quality security services, “…the possible consequences of doing so are considerable,” not only in terms of legal headaches, fines, and other regulatory sanctions, but also in terms of letting down your guests by not providing them with the safety and security they deserve.

A coordinated plan, professional execution

Truly secure and reliable London event security isn’t something that just happens. This is where the experience and long history of compliance and coordination with the SIA that Firecore Secure brings to the table really shines through.

For starters, providing event security means much more than sending a couple of guys in yellow jackets to mope around outside the entrance of your event. To properly provide security you need an experienced advance team to detail the event to be managed, assess the event’s particular safety needs, and create a plan going forward for how best to set up and coordinate all the working parts that are going to be required.

We have over ten years of experience in setting up and executing security at all kinds of events in all manner of venues. So our team is uniquely qualified to assess the design and layout of the site, designate the exits and emergency access points, and with consideration for the type of event it is, set up the proper kinds of security measures.

A suite of security services

At Firecore Secure we have experienced teams ready to plan, implement, and manage a wide range of security systems to suit your needs.

  • Mobile security units – Guards in vehicles can patrol sites and events in coordinated teams.
  • Manned event guarding – Our guards are SIA Licensed Security Officers, so you can count on professional and experienced safety management at your event.
  • Access control systems – Our teams have the equipment and staff to monitor and control access to any event, big or small.
  • 24/7 CCTV surveillance – Providing an extra layer of security for your event.

From planning to execution

Once all this planning is ready to be implemented on the big night, ensuring that the guards staffing your event are professionals who are competent to carry out the tasks they are given in real time is just as important. At Firecore Secure we provide guards who have been licensed by the SIA and who are experienced specifically in working London event security – which can be a very tricky beast for companies who aren’t as familiar with the area.

Our guards and other staff are not only given the kind of top-notch training that can only come from having ten years of experience as a company, but we are also assessed periodically by the SIA, both on an individual level and as a company. You can rest assured our policies and practices are sharp and fully up to date.

No event ever goes exactly as planned. And having experienced, qualified security staff on hand means that you can relax knowing that our SIA-licensed guards have the ability to adapt to changing circumstances on the fly whilst still maintaining the proper standards of security and safety of your guests.

What kind of events do we cover?

Firecore Secure has over a decade of experience at providing an entire suite of options for event security in London. We’ve developed a set of protocols and systems over the years through our experience in working events big and small, and our teams are fully trained and highly skilled.

event security in London

We can prepare systems to provide you with everything from manned event guarding to 24/7 CCTV coverage systems to keep your location and your event attendees safe and happy, all designed with the particular needs of your event in mind. Whether you’re throwing a garden party for a recent graduate or hosting a multi-day music festival, when it comes to London event security, Firecore Secure provides the best, most experienced SIA licensed guards.

We cover events like:

  • festivals
  • concerts
  • sports events
  • weddings
  • corporate events
  • parties
  • charity events
  • government events

Don’t forget too that apart from event security in London, Firecore Secure is also widely experienced in other types of security planning, coordinating and staffing. We offer 24/7 security staffing for construction sites with affordable rates and professional guards.

Call Firecore Secure today to talk with someone on our highly responsive customer service staff and learn more about our low rates for the various services we offer. Submit a CTA and we would be happy to provide you with a quote.

As any event coordinator knows, proper planning is the key to carrying out a seamless, successful event.

Same goes for security.

Get in touch today and we’ll get started on setting up security for your upcoming event!

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