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Event Security

Event Security is a means of protecting and securing various events to ensure that the end result is total success. The event surveillance service is a strategy in the field of security that allows you to protect the big events you want to organize at a given time. In order to lead to the success of such events and to respond to the needs of the organizers in this regard, various agents are trained and qualified. They must adapt to the most diverse situations within a very strict legal framework.

What do we need for event security

In order to maintain the high degree of security of the organized event, the trained security agents must observe a series of measures, among which: controlling the access and movement within the event, managing the flow of people and vehicles entering and leaving the premises where it takes place. the event, receiving the client and his orientation, supervising the facilities and securing the spaces by assessing potential threats and risks, managing movements in case of panic or any possible conflict, providing first aid and taking the first emergency measures.

Given the fact that events that require security are very diverse, event surveillance services can be requested in public places such as the street and surroundings, exhibition halls, stadiums, amphitheaters, exhibition stands, monuments, etc. or in private places such as companies , villas, castles, various buildings. Also, the events that require supervision, be they public or private, are of a great diversity: sports events, cultural events (painting exhibitions, photography, inauguration of a monument), salons (automobile, agricultural), concerts, parades fashion, political congresses, general assemblies, conferences, seminars, big social evenings, etc. It is good to know that the event can be a unique one and there is the possibility of extending it in terms of time; it can last several days, weeks, a full day (in the case of political conferences or congresses) or a few hours (in the case of inaugurations or general assemblies).

For the organized event to be a truly successful one, security agents must protect against various types of risks: crisis situations, crowd rebellion, panic movements, hostile places, risk areas, intrusion of suspects or inability to participate in the event, fires, floods, reliability of installations, etc.

Agents trained, qualified and equipped with professional skills are available to supervise and secure the event through various techniques and means. There is a static or mobile security agent who supervises and controls access to the parking lot, the flow of those entering and leaving, as well as the interior of the rooms, the bodyguard, the security agent in case of mandatory fire in the buildings that receive the public and the one who plays the role of the host (the one who receives and guides the audience).

The advantages of this type of surveillance and security are multiple, especially considering that the events are considered by unique organizers. In order for them to take place in optimal security conditions, specialized and qualified agents demonstrate their professionalism in their field. The main drawback of this type of service is financial. The price of security and protection of persons and property is not to be neglected. The costs of such a service vary greatly depending on the mission of the agents, as well as their specialization.

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