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Everything You Need to Know About Security Guard For Hire

Would you modify your behavior if you were being observed? Studies suggest that humans behave in a more socially acceptable way when being observed. 

Hiring a security guard to watch over your commercial property sounds like a good idea after all. 

Let’s get the basics right. Why exactly do you need to hire a security guard? Whether you need private security for hire or a security company, start by listing down all your requirements. 

Hiring the right security guard is a non-compromisable decision. You can’t risk the safety of your premises and employees by hiring a random security company. 

Here’s everything you need to know about the security guard for hire! 

How Safe Are Your Business Premises?

The UK Home Office recorded 374,395 shoplifting cases in 2018-19 in England and Wales. The actual number is believed to be much higher than this. The President of the Association of Convenience Stores commented that they estimated 950,000 theft incidents in 2019! Nevertheless, shoplifting incidents have increased by 17% in the last decade. 

Security guards for hire

The Home Office also reported that the businesses in the wholesale and retail sector witnessed the highest number of crimes – around 8 million incidents in 2017. According to the Commercial Victimisation Survey, larger businesses experience higher crime rates and the average cost of shoplifting per victim was GBP 500 in 2017.

There are two ways to deal with the underlying situation:

Hire a security company today and reduce your chances of making it to the above list.

Or, don’t hire professional service and suffer a HUGE business loss by falling victim to one of these crimes!

Still not convinced that you need a security guard for hire?

The Center for Retail Research estimated the total crime losses in the UK retail sector in 2019 to be £4,821mn. The situation is alarming and you need to act before it is too late.

4 Reasons Why You Need To Hire a Security Guard

A security guard helps to protect your property against illegal activities, theft and vandalism, terrorism, and natural disasters such as a fire. A guard makes sure that no suspicious activity takes place on the property and monitors your premises to prevent criminal activities.

You need a security guard for hire to:

  1. Reduce Your Risk

Reduce your risk of a crime or a mishap by hiring the right personnel. No trespassers will enter your property, and everyone present on the property will watch their behavior.  If your property is being watched and if a mishap takes place, the guard can try to prevent it. If not, the guard will serve as an important witness to make your claim from the insurance companies.

  1. Protect Your Resources

You can’t always track your resources. You need someone to be in charge in your absence. If no one is watching over your resources, you can risk losing them to thefts and vandalism. However, the presence of a security guard can help you to not just track but also protect your valuable resources. Similarly, protect the lives of your employees by taking all precautions for their safety. This will win their confidence towards you. 

  1. Prevent Crimes

Security guards can help to prevent a crime. They patrol and inspect your construction site or business premises regularly. If they notice something wrong or fishy, they can report it to the concerned officials without wasting any time and prevent a major crime! If there’s no one guarding your property, you will expose it to all sorts of dangers such as illegal activities, thefts, robbery. Preventing crime is as important as running your business! 

  1. Save Your Time and Effort

If you don’t hire a security guard, you will have to employ resources to ensure the safety of your business premises. This would mean spending considerable time and effort in finding the right people, training them, and tracking them daily. You won’t be able to focus on your business operations or site construction. You can save yourself time and effort by hiring a professional!

Therefore, you need a security guard to monitor and protect your business premises. Insurance companies might offer you better premiums, your employees will feel safer and you can focus on your core business. 

How to Choose the Right Security Guard?

There are no second chances when it comes to hiring the right security guard. It is a crucial decision, so invest your time to decide wisely. 

security guard london

Before you hire a security guard, decide:

  • What part of the premises do you want the guard to cover? 
  • How many guards do you need?
  • Do you want to hire an armed or unarmed guard? 
  • Do you need mobile security patrolling? 
  • What is your budget?
  • What kind of crimes is your area of operation prone to?
  • Do you need the service for a few hours in a day or 24 hours?
  • Do you want to hire a guard from a professional company so training etc. is taken care of or do you want to hire someone and provide the training yourself?
  •  Will you invest in other security devices such as CCTV?

These answers will mostly depend on the safety of your area and the size of your premises.

You can choose the right security guard by investing in a professional and reliable company like FireCore Secure. 

How Can FireCore Secure Help?

Firecore Secure (FCS) is a leading security service and fire safety company in the UK. With over a decade of experience, they offer the most professional security services for your company. 

They offer the following security guard services: 

  1. Security Guard/ Night Guard Provider

FCS offers SIA Qualified and Trained security officers to protect your premises 24/7. They offer highly professional security guard services on both temporary and long-term contracts, across single and multiple sites. Their services include:

  1. Mobile Security Patrol

FCS offers a fully trained team of mobile security. This is especially useful when you have to protect and safeguard a widespread area of business premises. This is an effective way for you to ensure that employees are taking all safety precautions. The mobile security team also ensures that no unauthorized personnel wanders the premises. In case of any mishap, they can reach in minutes and take corrective action.

They offer 24/7 security guards as well as a vast range of fire safety equipment and other security services. They provide excellent customer service and offer affordable prices. Their experience and expertise make them the most reliable security company in the UK.

Too good to be true? Request your free quotation and find it for yourself!


You know your business premises are exposed to high risks of theft, shoplifting, vandalism, and other crimes. It only makes sense for you to do something about it. You know everything about a security guard for hire now – so go ahead and hire one now! Reduce your risk of crime and protect your resources in the long run. 

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