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Five Reasons for Hiring SIA Licenced Security Guards

The Security Industry Authority, or SIA, provides security guards who are some of the most professional and well-trained security guards available, and best of all, they can provide the security you need for construction sites and a whole lot more. It makes sense to hire a security guard when you have an unfinished construction project because there are always valuable, expensive items inside of the homes or office buildings that can easily be stolen since these facilities are usually unlocked as the project is progressing. Theft is always a big concern with construction projects, but the good news is that many other industries can benefit from hiring SIA security professionals as well.

Why a SIA Security Guard?

Security guard companies such as FCS make sure their guards are all licenced and up-to-date with the information they need to be successful on your construction site. They provide 24/7 security services at reasonable rates, and whether your business is a construction site, a bank, a retail store, or anything else, they will make sure the job is done to perfection. These companies also offer CCTV cameras that can watch your property at all times and even monitor it live 24 hours a day so that if the authorities need to be called, they will do this immediately and therefore reduce the amount of damages you incur.

SIA guards are also fully licenced, which should put your mind at ease because it means one thing: these guards have passed strict requirements that guarantee their ability to do the job well and provide the services you need. A security guard without a licence cannot offer you these benefits, but SIA security guards are well-trained, knowledgeable about all types of security jobs, and fully licenced for your peace of mind. 

Everyone knows that crime is on the rise, and when it comes to construction sites, it’s easy for thieves to be tempted to steal from empty homes that have appliances and other items in them but no locks to keep these thieves from doing their dirty work. Although theft and other crimes have seen a drop in recent months due to the coronavirus pandemic, most experts expect them to go right back up as soon as this crisis is over, so protecting yourself against crimes such as theft is crucial in construction jobs and in many other industries.

So, what are some of the best reasons to hire SIA-approved guards to keep your construction or other site safe? Below are five of the best reasons.

  1. Increased Overall Safety

The safety of employees and clients is crucial when you’re working on a construction site. Most of the time, only certain people are allowed on the lot, and this is because while the project is being completed, the construction company is responsible for what happens to anyone who comes onto the lot. A qualified security guard will make sure only authorised personnel are able to visit the lot at any given time. Instead of allowing everyone to walk onto the construction site at any time, security guards monitor these people so that only people who are authorised to be there are actually there. This means the construction company is liable for fewer people and therefore enjoys a much smaller risk of something happening to someone on their watch.

  1. Prevention of Theft

Empty homes and offices on construction sites have tons of appliances, office equipment, nice cabinets, and even furniture that has to remain there 24/7 until the home is sold or the office is leased out, and most of the time, these facilities are unlocked because locks on doors are usually only installed at the very end. In fact, even the building materials themselves can be worth a lot of money if a thief steals them because they can be resold for a lot of money. If anything is stolen off of a job site, those items have to be replaced by the construction company, which means the project itself will be more expensive to complete and therefore the company’s bottom line will be affected. It is simply less expensive and easier to hire a professional security guard to make sure the theft doesn’t occur in the first place.

  1. Surrounding Buildings Can Also Be Protected

If your project site is anywhere near existing buildings, those buildings will also experience the advantages of having a security guard nearby. Let’s face it, no criminal is going to try to get near any type of home or office when there is a security guard close to the area. In fact, just seeing a security guard will quickly change the mind of a would-be thief because they’ll realise their efforts to do damages to either type of facility will be fruitless. Even if the security guard you hire is hired just to guard a certain building or two, he or she is naturally going to keep his eye on the buildings surrounding the area as well. This is only natural. Even if he or she doesn’t, the would-be thief will not know this, so he or she will be extremely unlikely to try to enter the premises of an existing building that is close to the area you need protected.

  1. They Are Less Expensive Than You Think

Although you may have assumed otherwise, hiring a security guard usually doesn’t cost a lot of money. Prices vary according to your needs and the company that offers the security guards, but you can easily get a quote from FCS or another security company before you decide for sure which one to hire. Across the UK, the average price to hire a security guard is between £10 and £40 per hour, but again, you can easily get a more specific quote for SIA security guards and others by calling the company itself. Some companies may even offer a per-day rate that is even more reasonable, so it behoves you to ask for a quote before you agree on anything. Keep in mind that the guards these companies offer are highly qualified and licenced and therefore, you can trust them to do the job you are paying them to do.

  1. They Are Available 24/7

Security companies always offer their services around the clock, so whether you need them during regular business hours, evenings only, or during the weekend hours, they are there to help. In fact, you tell the security company when you need their guards and they will accommodate you. It’s just that simple. You can also utilise their services for a day, a week, or even longer, and whether you use them occasionally or on a regular basis, you’ll get the same great service every time. Companies such as FCS will make sure you get the right security guard who is experienced, knowledgeable, and super professional so that once they’re at your location, you can relax and concentrate on other things. Their 24/7 availability means you can count on them 365 days a year, which means they can help with construction projects that last one month or one year.

Finding dependable and trustworthy security guards is easy if you know where to look. SIA-trained guards have all of the skills you consider important when you need to leave your business in their hands for a while, which is a good feeling indeed.

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