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When it comes to retail, the administrator must take into account some technical aspects to prevent losses, thefts, for the protection of goods and the entire business but also its productivity. Well-known manufacturers of surveillance systems take this notion to another level, in addition to the classic functionality, they can provide information and report for the management, evaluation and optimization of the entire process.

Hikvision brand products can be the optimal solution for your business thanks to the Smart solution, found in version 2.0, specially implemented for small and medium stores and chain stores.

Before reviewing potential candidates for the IP surveillance system, here are briefly the main reasons why you should consider such a solution. First of all, as an administrator, the main concern is to intimidate potential thieves in stealing goods. A second reason is to increase the level of security for staff and customers. Another aspect is the intimidating nature of a video monitoring solution present in a store. And the last reason in combination with a series of intelligent functions to evaluate the productivity of the store and to find solutions to improve the process.

Hikvision’s complete solution not only produces high quality recordings, but also provides an increased level of protection for assets and staff. The concealed cameras blend aesthetically with the entire design of the store, but also other models, helping to prevent theft in combination with the iVMS-5200 video management platform.

High resolution video streams to protect assets

The 12 megapixel fisheye cameras can provide complete images without dead ends. A worthy model for this kind of application is DS-2CD63C2F-I (V) (S).

• 360º panoramic images
• Maximum resolution of 4000 × 3072 and 20 fps
• ePTZ control at a maximum resolution of 1600 × 1600
• Heat Mao analysis
• Dewarp on board hardware and software via iVMS-5200P
• Audio / Alarm IO (-S)
• IP66 outdoor version & anti-vandal (-V)

DarkFighter generation cameras offer exceptional visibility at night. Models like the DS-2CD4126FWD-IZ produce color images even in extremely low light conditions.

• Full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution
• Up to 60 fps
• Color images even in low light conditions
• 2.8 ~ 12mm motorized varifocal lens with Smart Auto Focus
• IR LEDs up to 30m
• Audio / Alarm IO
• On-boad memory slot up to 128GB
• Anti-vandal variant
• Smart functions

The Smart Solution 2.0 family also contains robust bullet cameras with IR LEDs, degree of protection IP-67. The DS-2CD4A26FWD-IZ is more than a camera, it is a video monitoring system.

• Full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution
• Up to 60 fps
• Color images even in low light conditions
• 2.8 ~ 12mm motorized lens with autofocus
• IR LEDs up to 50m
• (-S) Audio / Alarm IO, (-H) Built-in heater
• On-boad memory slot up to 128GB
• Degree of protection IP-67
• Smart functions
• Supports Recognition of Registration Numbers (see this article for more details).

If we are still in the sphere of discretion, the dome cameras with the possibility of installation in false ceiling, pan-tilt and fixed lens can ensure the monitoring from several angles of an open area. Such a camera is DS-2CD2E20F and the version with wireless mode may be the right solution.

• Full HD 1920 × 1080 resolution
• Extremely easy installation
• DWDR and 3D DNR
• On-boad memory slot up to 128GB
• 12VDC and PoE power supply

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