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How a Biometric Access Control System Works

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Theft and vandalism are major concerns for any construction site. The occurrence of stolen construction equipment and machines has increased by 50% in 2020. To protect against criminal activity, you need to review your security measures. This includes access control management. In this article, we’re going to discuss exactly how a biometric access control system works.

Locking a gate or requiring workers to enter a passcode before entering your construction site may not stop criminals from gaining entry. If you want superior security for your site, consider implementing a biometric access control system.

What Is Biometric Access Control?

Biometric access control systems rely on physical characteristics to uniquely identify individuals. These systems use scanners or sensors to analyse fingerprints, palm veins, irises, or faces.

Access control is the management of access points such as doors or gates. By monitoring access points, you can restrict access to unauthorised users. This helps prevent unknown individuals from entering your work site, decreasing the risk of theft or other criminal activities.

To gain entry, a user must provide some form of identification or authorisation. There are three main types of authentication:

  • Object-based
  • Information-based
  • Biometric-based

Object-based authentication includes the use of keys, fobs, or ID cards. Information-based authentication refers to the use of specific codes, such as a password or PIN.

Biometric-based systems use human biometric markers for authentication. Instead of entering a password or swiping a fob, you may scan a fingerprint or eyeball.

How a Biometric Access Control System Works

Biometric systems typically consist of a biometric reader or scanning device and a central control system. There are several types of biometric devices, including:

  • Fingerprint readers
  • Facial recognition systems
  • Iris scanners
  • Palm vein readers

When using fingerprints for verification, the system is equipped with an optical sensor. A worker presses a finger to the sensor, which then scans and stores an image of the fingerprint. The image is then compared to existing patterns stored in a central database. If the scanned image matches a stored fingerprint image, the user is granted entry.

If the fingerprint does not match, the user is denied entry. When an unauthorised user attempts entry via our biometric authentication process, our system automatically locks the door and denies them any access to your facility or work site.

No matter the type of biometrics, you obtain data from each employee. Their unique biometric data is securely stored, preventing any type of tampering or fraud. All attempts to enter your site are logged and stored, allowing us to offer fully customised reports. You can maintain a record of who enters your site, including the times that they arrive and the times that they leave. Along with deterring crime, logging access to your site may assist with worker time tracking.

Stand-Alone and Cloud-Based Biometrics

There are also multiple ways to implement biometrics. We can install a stand-alone system or a cloud-based system. A stand-alone system consists of a central database running on local hardware. The system does not need to access the cloud, which may work better in certain environments, such as a remote work site.

A cloud-based system offers greater flexibility for deployment and monitoring. Instead of storing information locally, biometric data is sent to and from a cloud provider.


How a biometric access control system works

Advantages of Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems address the vulnerabilities of traditional access systems. Keys, fobs, and other object-based authentication methods can be stolen or shared. Information-based methods also have risks. People may share or guess passcodes or PINs. These issues increase the risk of unauthorised access to your site.

You cannot steal biometrics or trick a biometric reader. Fingerprints, palms, irises, and faces are unique to every individual. Biometrics can replace existing access control systems or enhance them. For example, you can continue to use a physical lock and key or an information-based system. Adding a biometric scanner to your access points provides an additional layer of security.

The features of biometric scanners provide far-reaching advantages:

  • Greater access control
  • Better site management
  • Secure deliveries
  • Health and safety
  • Easier incident reporting
  • Monitoring for multiple sites

Explore these benefits in detail to find out how they impact the safety and security of your construction site:

Greater Access Control

The main advantage of biometric scanners is improved access control. Construction sites are prime targets for thieves, vandals, and arsonists. Theft costs the UK construction industry over £800 million per year.

By installing biometric systems, you have more control over who enters your site. You can ensure that only authorised individuals can gain entry. Along with providing greater security, biometric systems are less time-consuming compared to traditional access control systems. It takes less time to scan a fingerprint compared to using a set of keys or entering a passcode.

Better Site Management

Implementing biometric systems improves site management for managers and supervisors. You can easily monitor who is on the construction site at any given time, including workers and suppliers or vendors.

You can also access useful data related to site management, such as what time individuals arrived and how long they were on the site.

Secure Deliveries

Construction sites tend to receive frequent deliveries. Vendors and suppliers may bring materials and equipment throughout the project. Using biometrics streamlines the check-in process for deliveries, helping to keep your project moving along efficiently.

Health and Safety

Construction sites must follow specific health and safety standards. With biometric access control systems, you can increase compliance with these standards and prevent access to those without proper safety training.

Easier Incident Reporting

The detailed records generated with a biometric access control system provide valuable data for incident reporting. This may include incidents of worker time fraud, workplace accidents, or criminal activity. You can use records to determine who may have witnessed the incident.

Monitoring for Multiple Sites

Many construction companies work on multiple projects at the same time. Biometric access control systems make it easier to monitor and enforce access control management at more than one work site.

We can implement scanners at every job site while monitoring access from a central database. Supervisors and managers can also view data from each site from a single source, offering greater management for multiple projects.



Convenient and Flexible Biometric Access Control Solutions

Allow us to enhance the security of your workplace with the latest biometric access control solutions.

At FCS, we provide tailored security services to match your needs. This includes providing multiple options for biometric access control, including fully customised reports and stand-alone or cloud-based systems.

Along with addressing your specific requirements, there are many additional reasons to rely on our security services:

  • We have been in business for over 10 years
  • Our services are available throughout the UK
  • We offer affordable rates for all services
  • Our team delivers excellent customer service
  • You can receive a free quote — call today to get your quote!

We are an experienced security guarding and fire safety company with more than a decade of service throughout the whole of the United Kingdom. We make it easier to address security concerns by offering affordable, reliable solutions.

After implementing your access control system, your workers can access our online induction facility. This provides workers with health and safety information along with the required training for using biometric systems before entering your site.

Start protecting your construction site from theft and vandalism. Use our biometric access control systems to dramatically improve the overall security of your site.

Now you know more about how a biometric access control system works, call us today to request more information and get a free quote!

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