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How do we prevent burglary?

How do we prevent burglary?

Usually only 3% of the damage is recovered from a theft and only one in 10 burglars is caught (most often without recovering the stolen goods). This makes burglary prevention much more viable than prosecuting and apprehending defendants. Here’s what you need to do to keep burglars at bay.

Make sure that all outside entrances and emergency exits have safety locks. If you use a padlock, make sure they are made of steel and as solid as possible. Also remove the serial numbers from the locks. This prevents unauthorized keys from being made.

  • All exterior doors and security doors must be watertight and secured with metal bumpers. All exposed hinges must be protected to prevent removal
  • The windows must be equipped with secure locks and strong glass. You should also consider installing metal grilles on all windows, except for the display ones.
  • Make sure you can easily see it in the store after you close and remove all expensive items from the windows next to the windows.
  • Light up the inside and outside of the building at night. Focus your light sources on doors, windows or other entry points. Install guards on outdoor lights and power supplies to prevent handling.
  • Leave the cash register empty and open on departure. Make sure it is visible from the outside.
  • If you have a safe, make sure it is fireproof and, as much as possible, avoid keeping valuable things in it. If you still need to, keep all valuables in it and change the combination whenever an employee who had access to it leaves.
  • Purchase an alarm. Contact Firecore Secure to recommend the best solution for you. Check the system every day and arm it when you leave. Hire us to keep your store safe.
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