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How does anti-theft smoke work?

Thanks to constant technological advances in security, we can count on a home alarm that provides the best and most powerful measures to ensure the integrity of the business, family or home.

What is anti-theft smoke?

Alarm companies are always in constant evolution to ensure our safety. Among the latest developments, they have incorporated anti-theft smoke.

This smoke is a combination of a smoke cannon with a security alarm that will dismantle the robbers’ plans in seconds. There are two types of smoke alarms: traditional and security fog.

Anti-theft smoke generates dry smoke, and its constituent particles can irritate the respiratory tract and eyes. In contrast, the wet mist generator is made up of water vapor and is therefore harmless.

Smoke composition

The safety fog works thanks to a humid fog generator made up of water vapor and once dissipated it does not leave a trace in the room.

The smoke, for its part, will be composed of glycol and water. Glycol gives density to the smoke that is generated and is a harmless substance, just like water. The temperature at which the smoke will emerge will be adequate so that it does not affect furniture or people.

How do smoke safety systems work?

These systems have the ability to flood the entire room with dense smoke and in a few seconds. Thus, they allow the thief to be brought down before he leaves the premises.

If we pay attention to the operation and operability of the system, it is as effective as it is simple:

  • Upon detecting an anomaly, the alarm system is activated.
  • The anti-theft fog automatically fills the room in a few seconds (it takes about 15 seconds for 200 square meters).
  • The Alarm Receiving Center, meanwhile, receives the notice and deals with the situation.

Smoke stands out as one of the best advances of alarm companies, since we do not have to worry about whether potential thieves could deactivate them. The fog will stay just as thick for an hour if there is no ventilation system.

This system is one of the most effective in neutralizing a break-in, since it limits the intruder’s abilities to move or escape. It will be up to the professionals to find the best location for the cannon and gas concentration. The installation is not standard and will depend on the specific conditions of each room.

How is the safety fog activated and how far?

Burglar smoke alarms combine audible warning signals with a thick layer of gas that is designed to reduce the visibility of attackers. The system is activated just after the alarm signal is triggered, while the CRA is being notified.

What maintenance does this security system require?

You will need basic maintenance in both a business and a home. The recharges are very fast, and most of the models that are manufactured ensure between 5 and 9 discharges with each recharge, if it is fog. In the case of anti-theft smoke, it is a recharge for each discharge.

What are the advantages of anti-theft fog

Among the many advantages of anti-theft smoke we can highlight that it can be completely adapted to the characteristics of your home or business, regardless of the type of facilities or their characteristics.

As we have already mentioned, the advisors of the alarm companies will assess the parameters of the device so that it reaches its maximum potential. The result will be a very powerful resource against any intrusion and will shield the most important spaces for you.

In addition to these advantages, there are others that the systems cannot provide, such as the following:

  • They give the security forces and the security company more time to go to the scene of the incident.
  • They limit visibility. The thieves will only see a meter from themselves, so their ability to react is disjointed.
  • It is very discreet, efficient and economical.
  • Minimizes the risks to which the business is exposed and there is hardly any risk of damage or loss.
  • It is a surprise factor, really shocking, because intruders will not expect a security system of these characteristics.
  • It can be easily adapted to each type of company, home or security needs.

    Can anti-theft smoke be installed in the business?

Yes. The type of business does not determine the installation of anti-theft smoke devices. It is essential to take into account the layout of the room, ventilation and available space. The specialists of the alarm companies will advise us on the quantity, pressure and place to place the system.

In short, installing a home or business alarm with the anti-theft system is possible, and it will not be polluting or harmful to health. You will enjoy and security when you are at home or away from it.

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