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How to Prevent Construction Site Theft

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Without the right security measures, your construction site may be a target for theft.

Most equipment stolen from a construction site is never recovered. Your insurance may cover the loss, but your project and customer confidence may suffer. Dealing with the setback could cause delays and other challenges.

To protect your site, you need to implement security solutions, such as mobile security guards and CCTV systems. Learn how to prevent theft at construction sites with the most effective security strategies.


What Is the Best Way to Prevent Theft on a Construction Site?

Establishing a theft prevention policy is the first step in preventing theft. You need to create rules and consequences for theft and ensure that all workers and subcontractors are aware of the policy.

Unfortunately, establishing a set of rules is not enough to fully protect against theft. Criminals do not care about your workplace policies. For additional protection, you need to secure the construction site.

Construction site theft is surprisingly common, costing the industry over £800 million in losses in 2017. The most common types of theft from construction sites include:

  • Tools and small supplies
  • Appliances
  • Heavy machinery
  • Metals
  • Lumber

The government has taken steps to help reduce crime on construction sites. New laws have helped make it more difficult for criminals to sell stolen equipment and materials. However, construction companies and site managers still need to carefully monitor the security strategies that they use.

Along with a theft prevention policy, you may consider using some of the following security solutions:

Theft has surged in 2020. Due to lockdowns, many construction companies had to pause their activities. During this break, construction site theft increased by 50%.

About 21% of construction companies report weekly thefts. Ninety-two percent of companies have been a victim at least once. This means that you have likely experienced the consequences of theft, such as work delays.

If you want to take a proactive approach to construction site security, explore some of the most effective solutions in more detail.


Immobilise Heavy Equipment at the End of the Day

Heavy machinery, such as excavators and trenchers, is often expensive and difficult to quickly replace. You may not be able to resume your construction activities after dealing with heavy machinery theft.

The best way to protect heavy machinery from theft is to establish security procedures. For example, you can remove circuit breakers or fuses from equipment at the end of the shift. You can also place large equipment in areas that are away from public view.

Another solution is to install geofencing or geo-tracking devices on expensive equipment and heavy machinery. In the event of theft, law enforcement can track the location of the stolen items, increasing the chance of recovery.


Implement Secure Access Control Systems

Throughout the day, your construction site may see a lot of different people come and go. A constant stream of workers, subcontractors, and vendors can make it easy for an outsider to enter the site and walk away with valuable tools or equipment.


access control gate


You can increase the security of your construction site by implementing secure access control systems, such as biometric scanners. A fingerprint scanner is a common choice, as everyone has unique fingerprints.

The scanner stores a digital copy of the fingerprints of approved personnel, preventing unknown individuals from entering the construction site.


Construction site theft does not always involve outsiders. Subcontractors and employees can also steal equipment or tools from the workplace. Maintaining tighter access control allows you to keep a log of who enters your site. This can deter individuals from attempting to steal from the construction site.


Deter Construction Site Theft and Capture Evidence with CCTV Systems

Access control cannot prevent all theft. Criminals, workers, and subcontractors can still find ways to steal equipment or materials. For enhanced security, consider installing CCTV (closed-circuit television) systems.

A CCTV system provides continuous monitoring of your construction site, even after you finish work for the day. The cameras allow you to keep an eye on things and capture evidence in the event of a crime. CCTV systems store footage, which you can use as evidence to help prosecute criminals.

The presence of security cameras helps deter theft. People are less likely to attempt to steal items when they know they are being watched. This is incredibly useful for coverage of your construction site at night when no one is present.


Use 24/7 Security Guards for Increased Protection

One of the most effective deterrents is the use of security guards. Hiring security guards ensures that you have someone on the ground monitoring your construction site.

As with CCTV systems, security guards deter people from stealing. If someone attempts theft, a security guard may also be able to stop the crime in progress, which is something that a camera cannot achieve.

At FCS, we offer affordable security guarding services throughout the UK. You can rely on our professionally trained guards to monitor your site and prevent theft.


Maintain Detailed Records of Equipment and Tools

The best security control policies also include detailed record keeping. Maintain logs of all tools, materials, and equipment on your construction site. Each item should have a distinct ID that you can track, allowing you to determine the last person who had access to the item.

Along with maintaining a record of equipment and tools, you may want to monitor access to the site. As mentioned, an access control system offers greater control over who enters your construction site. You can also use an access control system to maintain a log of everyone that sets foot on the site.


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When Should You Consider Increasing Your Security?

Security is an important consideration for any construction site. Even a small project with limited equipment and materials is a potential target for theft or vandalism.

Hiring security for your construction site can offer additional protection for the following situations:

  • If a wide variety of contractors and subcontractors access your site
  • Your site receives lots of foot traffic throughout the day
  • Your site is in an area with high crime rates
  • You’re worried about existing security concerns
  • Your site contains invaluable equipment

If you are dealing with any of the issues listed above, you may need to tighten your security. The experts at FCS can help assess your security needs and provide the most efficient solutions to help prevent construction site theft.


Prevent Construction Site Theft with Security Solutions From FCS

The experienced team at FCS can implement many of the security strategies discussed, including CCTV installation, security guards, and biometric access control systems.

We specialise in serving the construction industry, which helps us understand the unique challenges of protecting a work site. Here are some of the reasons why we are the preferred choice for construction site security:

  • Over 10 years of experience in the industry
  • We serve clients throughout the entire UK
  • Our team is committed to customer service
  • We offer 24/7 security guards
  • All guards are fully trained and carry SIA licenses
  • We offer affordable rates and free quotations – Call us today to request a quote!

We offer flexible solutions to address your needs, including multiple CCTV installation options. Choose from 24/7 monitored, rapid deployment, and wireless. We also provide both permanent on-site guards and mobile patrol guards.

Contact FCS to request your quote for professional security!

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