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How to protect your construction site from theft and vandalism

Construction safety

Construction sites are generally open areas in remote locations. This makes them particularly vulnerable to theft and vandalism. With nothing to stop them, vehicles and construction equipment are easy targets for thieves. Unfortunately, the loss of valuable equipment can significantly increase costs, as well as the time required to complete construction projects. Construction safety can save not only money on a project, but also headaches.

Construction safety can significantly reduce or eliminate the incidence of theft and vandalism on construction sites. Security cameras and fences can warn off criminals and alert management to a potential problem. No matter how big or small your site is, the following site security systems should be considered.

Fences and Locks

Fences and locks are the easiest and cheapest way to keep intruders off your property. However, many construction sites do not implement these preventive measures. Although fences can be cut or climbed, they serve as an obstacle for thieves. That alone may be enough to stop them. Building and storage locks can help protect sensitive equipment and data.

Adequate lighting

Criminals prefer to work in the dark. Thieves are less likely to target construction sites with lighting that effectively eliminates all shadows. Implementing motion sensor lighting further eliminates the risk of theft, surprising intruders entering the property.

Security guards

Criminals often attack construction sites when they are empty. Having a live security guard protect your site can prevent intruders and protect your property from theft and vandalism. FIRECORE SECURE offers highly experienced security professionals for a variety of security tasks. Many of our security guards are former, retired, or off-duty police officers.

Security on site with security guards Birmingham
Security on site with security guards Birmingham

Security cameras

The best way to monitor your construction site is with mobile security cameras. Moving cameras add an extra layer of protection. Mobile cameras can monitor all areas of your property, even areas that a live security guard cannot. Mobile Video Guard systems can be equipped with thermal cameras for long-range perimeter fire detection and intrusion detection. The data collected by the mobile cameras is sent to an external monitoring team, where possible risks are assessed. A mobile video guard costs less than half the cost of hiring a live security guard.

24/7 Monitored CCTV System
CCTV cameras and wifi station fitted on mast on British countryside.

FIRECORE SECURE professionals provide smart security solutions for construction sites, car dealerships, festivals, events, churches, schools, and more.

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