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How to Reduce Theft And Vandalism with Security Guards In Birmingham

According to data from the West Midlands Police, there’ve been a total of 204,154 crimes reported in Birmingham and the rest of West Midlands County between January and August 2020 alone. Now more than ever, it’s important for us to protect ourselves. Firecore Secure provides security guards in Birmingham to do just that. Our clients in Birmingham have reported a significant reduction (to near zero) in theft and vandalism at their homes, businesses and construction sites ever since they hired our security guards.

Why You Should Work With Firecore Secure

Securing your homes, properties and businesses in Birmingham and the rest of West Midlands County from loss can no longer be a matter of locking the door and hoping for the best. You need a comprehensive security partner such as Firecore Secure for whom your protection is always a priority.

How can FCS K9 Unit Stop crimes?

For over 10 years Firecore Secure has remained one of the most trusted and reliable providers of security services in the Birmingham area. Our dedicated staff are on call 24 hours a day 365 days a year, ensuring you round the clock access to our customer service team for emergencies or any queries. Firecore’s services for Birmingham and the surrounding area include the provision of security guards, CCTV and remote monitoring, fire safety systems, access control technology, construction site security and K9 security. We pride ourselves in offering incredibly affordable rates for these services and in fact, you can request a free quotation from our team. 

All the guards provided by Firecore Secure are SIA licensed security officers. The Security Industry Authority is an independent body that reports directly to the Home Office. Their mandate is to regulate standards and practices ensuring that all private security guards are ‘fit and proper’ and have the right training and qualifications to do their jobs. With their endorsement, you can be assured that all the security guards we provide for Birmingham and the rest of West Midlands County are more than competent for their assigned duties.

Security should be at the forefront of everyone’s minds particularly for construction site managers, industrial property owners, event managers and others, in Birmingham and West Midlands County, who have resources they need to protect. In light of the data available from the West Midlands police on crime in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, our security guards don’t faff about when it comes to protection. In -fact whenever suspicious activity is detected by Firecore Secure’s team on the ground, we deploy our rapid response mobile security unit and inform the police as well.  

Safety And Security For Your Construction Sites

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) report on crime in the construction industry is an interesting and shocking read. In the report, they reveal that the construction industry loses over £800 million a year to common crimes such as theft and vandalism. Loss of essential equipment or materials can be a major setback for any contractor. Replacements lead to a project incurring substantial and unplanned for costs. Firecore Secure offers bespoke security services with tools such as biometric access control that allows site managers to restrict and monitor movement in and around their lots. Further Firecore Secure’s construction protection offering also includes a traffic marshal service. On average, each year, around seven workers lose their lives as a result of accidents involving vehicles or mobile plants on construction sites. A further 93 are seriously injured. Firecore Secure’s traffic marshals are the eyes and ears monitoring heavy vehicle drivers on construction sites. They ensure that each route is clear for vehicles and free of obstacles thereby preventing any accidents from happening. 

Using CCTV To Reduce Incidences Of Theft

Another cause for concern that’s affecting businesses in Birmingham and West Midlands County is shoplifting. According to data analysed by Checkpoint Systems, there are 1000 shoplifting crimes committed every single day in the UK. What’s even more alarming is the fact that 52% of these cases go unpunished. Firecore Secure provides security guards who are part of our comprehensive protection packages for retailers looking to eliminate these incidents from affecting their bottom line. 

Building site CCTV

Another key deterrent to would-be criminals is our CCTV security. According to data from the College Of Policing’s study on CCTV as a crime reduction tool, just having visible cameras reduces the potential for theft by up to 16 per cent. A total number of 24,927 burglary cases were registered by the West Midlands Police in 2019. While we acknowledge that the West Midlands Police force are doing their very best, what’s startling is that despite these figures they do not have any dedicated burglary officers. Our security guards in Birmingham fill this gap and work hand in hand with the police to help eliminate these crimes.

Firecore Secure offers a rapid deployment monitored CCTV service that protects your homes, businesses and vacant properties from would-be criminals. In case of a fire or attempted break-in our NSI gold monitoring centre will caution the intruder with a pre-recorded message, call the relevant emergency services, and alert Firecore Secure’s mobile patrol team who will rush to your property, business or home immediately. Our team will remain there until your authorised person arrives. This service is ideal for car parks, shopping malls, business parks, retail parks and industrial estates. The National Security Inspectorate (NSI) is the leading certification body for security and fire protection services in the UK. Our alarm response centre’s gold certification signifies that we adhere to the highest standards required by emergency service institutions in the United Kingdom.  

Event Security

Trespassing is a nightmare that many event organizers have to deal with. Firecore Secure provides event security for festivals, weddings, concerts, charity events and more. Our specially trained event mobile patrol units are made up of security guards who regularly patrol the premises of your event minimising the opportunity for crime, theft, trespassing and vandalism from happening. We also offer K9 security services for festivals or government meets. It goes without saying that security dogs have a greater sense of smell and hearing than humans, which makes them a perfect tool for deterring site intrusions or preventing illegal substances such as narcotics from entering your event. 

Keeping Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Worldwide, there have been over 40 million reported cases of COVID-19. As everyone in Birmingham and West Midlands County adjusts to the new normal, it’s natural for you to want an extra layer of protection due to the pandemic. Firecore Secure also offers anti-COVID-19 disinfectant fog. The specially developed fog eliminates bacteria in all premises in just 20 minutes! Firecore Secure is helping to reduce the spread of COVID-19 by offering disinfectant services to all businesses, whether they have low or high footfalls. Our qualified team is on call to disinfect schools, bars, clubs, factories, labs and more. Firecore secure also provides advanced thermal detection systems for non-contact screening and immediate alerts upon detection at entry points to your property.
If you’re in Birmingham and West Midlands County and are looking to shore up your security then we urge you to get in touch with Firecore Secure. Your livelihood, health and safety are extremely important. With our security guards, fire safety officers, traffic marshals and security tech you can be extremely confident that your property and people are safe. The most sure-fire way of safeguarding yourself from loss is by engaging a reputable and dependable security firm such as Firecore Secure. Get in touch with us today for your free quotation!

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