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Importance of Access Control Systems

Access Control Systems. A tool for managing and managing entrances and exits from a certain area or building with the mission of protecting personnel, buildings, equipment, warehouses and confidential data. Access Control Systems.

Technical solutions offered by Firecore Secure:

1. Access control centers;

2. Magnetic, proximity, biometric, barcode readers and cards;

3. Yale, electromagnets, door dampers, exit / exit buttons;

4. Access-time control software.

By using the access control systems provided by FCS you can view:

– the situation of the presence and time of your staff;
– access areas for each person;
– the periods of time in which they have access to a certain location with greater or lesser risk from the point of view of security;
– the possibility of managing the presence of persons with different access rights in certain areas from various locations;

The benefits of an access control system?

Door Control System London
Door Control System London

Access Control Systems. Interconnection capacity

All this the technical department of Firecore Secure can offer specialized timekeeping programs, which take the information from the access control system and generate a complex range of timed and graphical data reports, wages.

Another competitive advantage of Firecore Secure is the proven ability to interconnect the access control system to a burglary and fire detection warning system that can provide various automation devices (turning on / off light, ventilation or air conditioning, etc.).

Applications in which access control systems are used: industrial buildings, residential buildings, offices, stadiums, parking lots, hotels, banks, etc.

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