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Last weekend before Christmas

Last weekend before Christmas

Retail theft has risen dramatically over the course of 2020. Statistics show that attacks targeted directly at shoppers were up 21% this year.

The lengthening period of promotional sales and events in December also means the window of opportunity for criminals is much larger. Extra security measures are not only recommended but are almost compulsory for any premise which is vulnerable.

Why do Crimes Increase Around Christmas time?

Crimes usually take place on days of e.g. crime rates are much higher on Friday and Saturday compared to a Monday. Christmas time is a time where nearly everyone is of either spending quality time with their loved ones or an excuse for more drinking and drugs especially with the younger generation. Criminals tend to strike more during the Christmas season because they know there are many people out shopping for presents. Purse snatchings and vehicle burglaries at shopping centres also increase this time of year.

How can FCS mobile patrol unit stop crimes?

Our mobile security patrol is an effective measure to protect locations that may not require the presence of a full-time security officer. Firecore Secure deploy highly trained and experienced mobile security officers to safeguard your premises against potential vandalism, theft or even water damage. Our fully trained mobile patrol security guards provide all of our clients with peace of mind knowing that their buildings and properties are secured at all times. Our clients trust us to keep their sites safe and deter any criminal activities especially during the winter months where crime is at its highest.  Our professional security guards have a duty of care to our clients, providing security services 24/7, and 365 days a year.

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