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Leicester COVID-19 Lockdown

Lockdown rules in Leicester?

  • Non-essential shops will close.
  • Schools will close from Thursday and will not reopen until next term. However, they will stay open for vulnerable children and children of critical workers
  • People should avoid all but essential travel “stay at home as much as you can”
  • Restaurants, pubs, cafes, hairdressers and cinemas will stay closed
  • The relaxation of safety measures on 6 July – which will allow the public to spend more time outside will not go ahead in the city


Leicester has become the first part of the UK to experience a local lockdown.

“Social distancing within workplaces is not normal. Some have carried on operating as they did before the crisis.”

Statement from BOOHOO “Fundamentally changed the way that we operate” since coronavirus and that “every decision we have made has had the safety and wellbeing of our people at heart. (


App identifies Leicester as a coronavirus hotspot

An app available on smartphones developed by researchers at King’s College London could help predict anticipate covid-19 hotspots in the UK. The app identified Leicester as a potential hotspot as early as 17 June.

Data released for the week ending 21 June revealed Leicester had the highest number of coronavirus cases in the country, with 135 cases per 100,000 people. (


How did this happen?

The first major alert with coronavirus in Leicester was on Monday 8 June.

Humberstone Academy shut down explaining it was linked to positive tests for coronavirus. They re-opened the following day, before being closed again.

The schools have not reopened since. Over the next two weeks, over 900 confirmed cases were recorded – one in 16 of all the positive tests seen in the UK. (    

Even though with all the safety measures in place the virus is still present and there is clearly not enough social distancing.

Many have attended to the Black Lives Matter protest – Leicester saw hundreds of people together on the streets in early June. This is a huge reason to why Leicester has gone into a city lockdown as mass gatherings are not helpful in this moment of time.

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