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Mobile Patrol Security: All You Need To Know

Mobile security patrol

Mobile patrol security is an important part of a robust security system. Although security technology has come a long way, it can’t compare to a security patrol. Technology alerts you once a problem has happened – a security team can spot potential problems before they occur. Security guards are a valuable set of eyes and ears, and one of the most effective deterrents against theft or vandalism.

Mobile security patrols offer scheduled or random security checks, sometimes across multiple sites. Compared to static security coverage, mobile coverage is strategic and adaptable. It’s an ideal option for when static coverage is not required, or when there is a need for both static and mobile security.

Construction sites are always changing. Until a project is finished, there are evolving security vulnerabilities. A mobile security patrol can adapt to these changes, and offer cost-effective peace of mind. This is where FCS has you covered. 

Why use a mobile security patrol?

An effective visual deterrent

The presence of a branded vehicle and a uniformed security guard wards off unsafe behaviour. Their presence is a sign that security is taken seriously on your site: it sends the right message to any passersby. 

Mobile patrol security checks can be scheduled or random. Scheduled checks can be timed for important duties, such as at lock-up times or when workers are leaving a site late at night. 

Random checks have the advantage of unpredictability; a mobile unit can show up unannounced at any time, and can be patrolling any part of the site. This is enough to make almost any possible thief or vandal think twice! 

Patrol both interior and exterior spaces 

An advantage of mobile guards is that they can cover a large area. Mobile security can monitor your entire site, rather than a select few locations. By patrolling both indoor and outdoor spaces, and getting into places that could be missed by a static team, mobile patrols can offer a detailed security picture. 

This is important for construction sites, where there are different entry points that can be taken advantage of. The day-to-day operations of a construction site are always changing. This means you need a dynamic team to provide coverage. A mobile team can offer security where and when you need it.


Sometimes, you just don’t need the coverage of a static, full-time security team. Mobile security patrols can provide as much or as little coverage as you need to keep your property secure. It’s a cost-effective solution that goes a step beyond surveillance cameras and alarm systems. 

Mobile patrol security is a great option for large properties or multiple construction sites. A mobile team offers peace of mind that all areas will be monitored – but without the costs of having to plan for a team at each location. 

Trained to deal with different situations 

When trouble arises, you want the help of a trained professional. Security guards are trained to assess potentially dangerous situations and take action. 

Mobile guards are used to monitoring different sites. This means they have a keen eye for any out of place activity. There are some dangers that daily workers may miss. The trained eye of a security professional can catch these dangers and prevent them from spiralling into something worse. 

Most importantly, they’ll be there to help when needed. Whether it’s as simple as locking up a missed door, or as serious as calling emergency services, a mobile guard is a call away. 

When should you use a mobile security patrol?

When you need a trusted person to respond quickly

The biggest advantage of mobile security is the quick response time. When minutes count, you want a dedicated team ready to take action and protect the site. This can mean meeting with emergency services, disabling an alarm, or taking note of any site damage.

Security guards

Emergency services can take some time to arrive depending on the severity of the issue. When trouble arises, a mobile team can arrive promptly. They can walk through the property to determine any hazards or suspicious activity.

A mobile guard can also respond to minor time-sensitive security concerns when no workers are available. For example, locking a door that was left unlocked, or the more serious example of an alarm trigger in the middle of the night. 

When mobility is an advantage to your security plan

If mobility is important to your security plan, you need a mobile security patrol. 

For example, throughout the span of a construction project, or even in day-to-day activities, different areas need monitoring at different times. A mobile team can provide coverage where and when it’s needed. This is a particular advantage if you have multiple sites that need monitoring, and want one trusted team to cover all areas. 

There are also plenty of sites that choose to supplement static security coverage with mobile coverage. With both types of security, you can be sure that nothing will be missed! 

When you need a cost-effective security solution

Mobile security patrols offer budget flexibility. You have the freedom to hire the security you need – no less and no more. 

For example, many property and construction site managers feel their site is safe during the day. However, they may want a couple of check-ins overnight when workers leave. It’s not always in the budget to have an overnight guard. Mobile security patrols offer just the right amount of flexibility. You can hire for a simple nightly check-in and be assured that your site is safe. 

When you want to put security and safety first

Security isn’t just about preventing theft or vandalism – it’s also about peace of mind. Having a security guard on-site can offer a sense of safety for workers. A mobile patrol security guard can stop by for important tasks, such as double-checking locks or escorting staff when transporting cash or expensive equipment. 

Construction sites are considered an easy target for theft and vandalism. It’s not always possible to lock up or monitor all aspects of a construction site. An in-person patrol can cover the gaps. 

Mobile Patrol Service for your Construction Site or Property

If you’re looking for a trusted and affordable mobile patrol service, contact Firecore Secure for a free quote today.

Our mobile security units are SIA approved, and committed to the safety of your property. We have provided reliable nationwide coverage for over 10 years. 

We are a customer-oriented company, providing security and safety services 24/7, 365 days a year. We cover a range of security needs, including security guarding and CCTV monitoring. Our clients trust us to keep their sites safe. 

Why choose FCS as your mobile security patrol provider?

  • Nationwide fire and security coverage – 24/7, 365 days a year
  • Customized service at a competitive price
  • Available for short term or long term contracts
  • All FCS guards carry valid SIA licences, and are vetted in accordance with British Standards BS7858 
  • 24/7 on-site security units also available 

Don’t wait to secure your site – contact FCS for a free quote today

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