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5 Reasons Our Warehouse Security System Is The Best Money Can Buy

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Warehouses tend to store valuable goods and materials, making them a prime target for theft. Stolen items may hurt your daily operations, keeping you from delivering resources to customers on time, or fulfilling other obligations. Protecting your inventory requires a proactive approach and a robust warehouse security system.

With the right security measures, you can significantly decrease your risk of becoming a victim. Our warehouse security solutions give you the protection and monitoring needed to deter theft and other crimes.

There are multiple components to a typical security system. Depending on your security concerns, you may use a combination of CCTV systems, security guards, mobile patrols, and access control systems.

Explore some of the reasons why our warehouse security system offers the best value in the industry.

What Is a Warehouse Security System?

A warehouse security system is used to monitor the premises and deter theft, vandalism, assault, and other types of crimes. Without a security solution, you place your warehouse and employees at unnecessary risk. Criminals are adept at scouting locations and analysing the security systems in place. If you do not have cameras or on-site security, your warehouse appears more vulnerable to criminals.

There are many steps that you can take to improve the security of your warehouse. You should first ensure that the structure itself is secure. This may include replacing worn or damaged windows.

Your warehouse should also have adequate lighting inside and outside of the premises. Ensuring that entrances, exits, and parking areas have proper lighting helps deter criminals. However, these steps alone will not stop all crime.

Cameras, security guards, and other measures provide monitoring for the interior and exterior of your property. This limits the ability of people to enter your site without authorisation and allows you to keep an eye on employees.

Types of Warehouse Security

Warehouse security systems may include a combination of security measures that work together to protect your location. Some of the most used types of warehouse security include:

At FCS, we work with you to select the right warehouse security solutions based on your needs. We can install CCTV systems, provide security guarding services, and more. Each security service offers unique advantages for securing your warehouse.

CCTV Systems and Rapid Deployment CCTV

CCTV is one of the most used security solutions in the United Kingdom. Over four million cameras are installed in businesses throughout the UK. A closed-circuit television (CCTV) system includes cameras that are positioned throughout your site to provide better monitoring. The footage is stored locally or monitored by a central monitoring centre.

Rapid Response Mobile Patrol Security Guards

Rapid response mobile patrol security guards are available to supplement your CCTV system. With this service, we continually monitor the camera feeds from your warehouse to detect suspicious behaviour as it occurs.

When an issue arises, we can deploy our mobile patrol security guards, ensuring that you receive a faster response to potential crimes. This may decrease the risk of stolen items or the severity of other crimes, such as arson or vandalism.

24/7 Security Guards

Along with CCTV systems and rapid response teams, we offer 24/7 security guarding. With around-the-clock security personnel, you gain additional protection against all types of crimes.

On-site security is one of the best deterrents against crime. Cameras may stop some criminals from carrying out their malicious acts. However, they are likely to turn around at the sight of a security guard.



Advantages of Warehouse Security Systems

The main benefits of warehouse security systems include:

  1. Preventing unauthorised access
  2. Reducing theft
  3. Protecting workers and goods
  4. Improving monitoring
  5. Facilitating rapid response

The benefits also depend on the security measures that you implement. The most secure solutions combine CCTV, security guards, and advanced access control systems such as biometric readers.

1. Preventing Unauthorised Access to Your Warehouse

A warehouse security system helps control who enters your warehouse. For example, you may choose to install an access control system. An access control system may require visitors and workers to enter a passcode, use a key, or scan a fingerprint. These steps make it easier to prevent criminals from entering your site.

The use of CCTV systems and on-site security guards also prevents unauthorised access. Criminals are less likely to attempt entering your warehouse with closed-circuit cameras and uniformed security in the area.

2. Reducing the Occurrence of Theft

By preventing unauthorised individuals from entering your warehouse, you decrease the risk of theft. However, the biggest threat of theft typically comes from employees.

Employee theft of stolen goods cost UK businesses over £190 million each year. Installing CCTV systems provides additional protection against employee theft. Employees may think twice about stealing from their employer if cameras are watching their activities.

3. Protecting Your Workers and Inventory

Maintaining greater security in your warehouse enhances the overall protection of workers and inventory. Our security solutions may help prevent everything from theft and vandalism to arson and assault.

In a high crime area, a warehouse may become a target for malicious activity. Enhancing the security of your workplace allows employees to focus on their jobs instead of worrying about theft and other crimes.

4. Improving Monitoring of Workplace Activities

The security services that you use may improve your ability to monitor workplace activities. This may improve incident reporting and employee time tracking.

For example, you may use an access control system to maintain employee time logs. Access control systems record the times that people enter and leave your warehouse. Warehouse supervisors can also easily monitor who is present at any time.

Along with tracking employee behaviour and time logs, CCTV systems monitor illegal activity. You can gather evidence when crimes happen that can be used in court. The footage may help identify the culprits and may increase the chance of recovering stolen items.

5. Facilitating Rapid Response to Criminal Activity

At FCS, we offer rapid response alarm monitoring and other solutions to deliver faster responses to suspicious activity. Our CCTV systems are monitored 24/7 by a central monitoring centre.

When we detect suspicious activity, we instantly deploy a rapid response mobile patrol security team and can even alert the police. A faster response may limit the chance of thieves getting away with stolen items and gives you the peace of mind in knowing that help is just around the corner.



Receive Help Implementing Your Warehouse Security System

FCS is the leading choice for warehouse security in the UK. We have years of experience providing affordable, reliable security to businesses in a variety of sectors and environments, including warehousing. Some of the key reasons to choose us for your security needs include:

  • Dependable security services for over 10 years
  • Security services for the whole of the United Kingdom
  • Trained professionals with background checks
  • Affordable rates for security services
  • 24/7 security guards for construction sites and warehouses
  • Free quotes for any of our services — call now to request your quote!

We can protect and secure your business with 24/7 CCTV monitoring and night watch guards. Receive around-the-clock protection at affordable prices.

You can rely on our team to protect your warehouse against theft, vandalism, and other crimes. If you want to avoid setbacks or delays due to criminal activity, get a hold of us.

Call us today to request more information and a free quote!

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