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Private security services for construction site areas

Private security services for construction site areas

Our security guards are highly qualified in adapting to different types of environments such as public or private events, offices, land, warehouses, among other buildings or events that require keeping both the facilities, people and property safe. Our security guards have numerous amount of training on vulnerable areas such as construction sites.  

 What are the responsibilities of our security guard on construction sites?

Access control

It is necessary to keep access control where it is ensured that only authorized personnel enter the work area, in addition to keeping a record of guests and everyone who enters the site. It is extremely vital to ensure that after working hours there is no unauthorized removal of materials or tools, and that only people with prior consent remain as night watchmen.

Restriction of access to personnel in a non-optimal state for work

Working on a construction site is a dangerous job, since the transfer of large volume materials, the handling of heavy machinery and cutting tools, among others; it can cause serious damage or even death if it is not handled under the safety regulations and with the required attention.

Supervision of suppliers and other vehicles

Security guards can be located in different parts of the site, such as parking lots and vehicle accesses for loading and unloading materials. Our guards are informed with the specifications and instructions of the client to be able to carry out a rigorous control of what goes out and what goes in to avoid objects or people infiltrated or stolen without authorization.

Verification of compliance with safety regulations in employees

Safeguarding the integrity of those who work on the work is also a priority, so the guards will verify that everyone who enters the construction area wears the regulatory safety equipment, as well as identifications if applicable.

Compliance with safety regulations

Restricted areas for people, heavy vehicle traffic, areas for moving beams or other materials by cranes, first aid equipment, maintaining order and cleanliness, location and respect for signs, among other safety regulations are important to follow, continue. Our security guards always know all the safety regulations and are alert to danger and any irregularity in order to act efficiently and quickly, effectively avoiding any accident or incident.

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