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See How Retail Security Systems Can Help You Sleep Peacefully

Retail security systems


Retail security systems are an important tool to protect your business. In the UK, retailers lose billions of pounds annually due to theft. Retailers across the UK fall victim to over 1000 incidents of shoplifting every day. External and internal theft causes over £3,000 million in shrinkage a year.

But shoplifting is just one concern that threatens your business. You also need daily protection against fire, intrusion, vandalism, and possible injury. This is where a retail security system can help. Retail security systems have an important job in protecting your store. They can prevent and detect these dangers.

An effective retail security system ensures multi-layered coverage. Firecore Secure can provide the following services for your retail property: 

  • CCTV Monitoring & 24/7 Surveillance
  • Security and Fire alarm services
  • Fully trained, SIA Licenced security guards
  • Mobile Retail Security Patrols
  • Fire Marshals and Fire Officers
  • Biometric Access Control Systems 

What is a retail security system?

A retail security system combines security and safety systems. Its goal is to keep your store, staff, and customers safe. A retail security system can protect from theft, intrusion, vandalism, fire, and harassment or injury against staff.

All stores, from small boutiques to multi-level department stores, can benefit from security. A security system’s main goal is to create a safe environment for your staff and customers. A good system also protects your property and products. It gives you peace of mind so you can concentrate on running your business. 

Why do you need a retail security system?

Provide 24/7 security coverage

A retail security system can provide constant protection. Retail stores are busy places, especially during rush times or seasonal peaks. Your staff needs to focus on helping customers. A security system looks out for any trouble during the busy workday. It deters potential problems, so your staff feels safe doing their job. 

When staff and customers go home, your store needs monitoring. With fully stocked shelves, retail stores are an attractive target for burglary. A combination of alarm systems, cameras, and security guards is a foolproof plan against break-ins. Even just a basic alarm system can help keep your store secure. 

A customized security system offers around-the-clock protection. CCTV monitoring, security alarms, and fire alarms cover your basic security needs. Security teams can protect your staff and offer an overnight watch. If you don’t need full-time security, mobile patrols can check on your store when needed. 

Prevent shoplifting 

On average, there are over 1000 incidents of shoplifting daily in the UK. It can happen at any store. Sometimes it’s perpetrated by customers, and other times, by staff. Shoplifting is a huge cause of shrinkage in the retail industry. CCTV monitoring and mobile security guards are two security options that target shoplifters.

Internal theft is an unfortunate common problem in retail. CCTV monitoring in all sections of your store can deter this type of theft.

A security system combats shoplifting in two ways. Firstly, it deters shoplifting. If a shoplifter feels like they’re being watched, they are less likely to steal. Secondly, cameras or security guards can catch shoplifters in the act. Even if the shoplifter gets away, cameras and guards can offer valuable evidence to the authorities. 

Prevent vandalism and store damage

Security signs, CCTV cameras, and uniformed guards are all visual deterrents. You can avoid trouble just by making your store look like a difficult target.

Intrusion is a concerning threat for retail store owners. Thieves may break in to steal products or cash. The cost of damage from a break-in can be high, so any type of prevention is worth the cost.

Vandalism is also a problem retailers face. While not as expensive to repair as intrusion or theft, it’s an annoyance that you want to prevent. If you have cameras and security guards in place, vandals will move on to an easier target.

Protect staff from unsafe situations

Your workers deserve a safe workplace. Although uncommon, violence in the retail workplace is a real threat. The British Retail Consortium found that on average, over 100 retail employees are attacked at work every day

CCTV cameras and security guards can prevent these incidents. The presence of cameras may prevent a situation from escalating further. If an unsafe interaction happens, a security guard is trained to de-escalate the situation and call the authorities. 

What are the advantages of retail security systems? 

Reduce loss from theft and damage

Theft and damage can cause significant loss to your business. These are unavoidable aspects of running a retail store. Even small security steps can significantly reduce theft. Being proactive can lessen the financial loss to your business.

The side effects of theft can spill over into other aspects of your business. Missing inventory can frustrate customers and cause stocking issues. Significant levels of theft can lead to staff and customers feeling unsafe. A retail security system can lessen these occurrences and improve your business operations.

Security systems are proactive and preventive

Security breaches are stressful. Even if you’ve just experienced a false alarm, the scramble to sort things out is anxiety-inducing. You want to prevent these problems rather than react to them. It’s the most efficient and cost-effective way to run your business.

Retail security systems are designed to prevent and react to trouble. Having a visible security system in place is an effective deterrent. If problems arise, you want to be alerted quickly.  CCTV surveillance and security guards catch issues while they’re happening, and can make sure that help arrives right away.

Give your staff and customers peace of mind

 A retail security system offers peace of mind. They make your staff, your customers, and your management team feel safer. A safe workplace improves worker morale. It also has a positive impact on your customer’s view of your business. The benefits of a retail security system go beyond just safety and security. 

In the rare possibility of a violent situation, you want a professional there to help. A trained security guard can deal with any situation. FCS Guards are trained in restraining trespassers and keeping an eye out for illegal activity. If you don’t have a security guard on-site, an alarm system or a CCTV surveillance team can contact the authorities quickly in an emergency. 

An ideal retail security plan has multiple systems in place to protect your business. Firecore Secure’s bespoke retail security systems can ensure that you have coverage where you need it. 

Choose FCS for your Retail Security needs

Firecore Secure has provided nationwide security coverage for over 10 years. Our customized security services safeguard your store from theft, intrusion, fire, and vandalism. Our goal is to create a safe environment for your staff and customers.  

We provide security coverage for any size of store, from small boutiques to large department stores. Here’s why we’re the best choice for your business: 

  • Bespoke security solutions, customized to your needs
  • Affordable rates for any size business
  • Friendly customer service team
  • Free quotations for all security services
  • 24/7 security guards for construction sites and retail stores 

Contact us today to learn more about our retail security systems! 

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