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Security Agent - When Do I Need One For My Business?

Security Guard – When Do I Need One For My Business?

Many small businesses, restaurants, pharmacies, office buildings, shopping malls or industrial areas in the UK are turning to private security companies to meet their security needs.

From burglary detection systems, and video monitoring to mobile patrols and security agencies, security companies offer the guarantee of a protected business. Not only can security agents help combat theft, violence and criminal activity, but they can also help in medical emergencies, fires and other emergencies.

As companies grow and their security needs grow. Security risks depend on a wide variety of factors and will vary by industry, location, amount of traffic, and the product or service offered. If your business is vulnerable to dangerous or criminal activity, consider hiring a security guard to keep your property safe.

Here are some signs that you may need a security guard:

1) The location is in an area with a high risk of crime

  • If your business is located in an area with a high crime rate, you may want to learn more about security options.
  • Hiring a security guard fills possible security gaps;
  • A security guard can help protect your customers, employees and property.

2) When there is too much traffic in the building

For areas with heavy pedestrian traffic, it can be very difficult to track each person. This hectic atmosphere can influence thieves to steal products and escape by becoming invisible in the crowd.

A security guard provides the protection and diligence needed to keep your store safe. They can also keep track of those entering the building, which is crucial for larger office buildings – especially in emergencies. For warehouses, office buildings and other high-traffic areas, a security guard can ensure that suspects cannot alter property or enter areas they do not have access to. Through the actions of a security guard, the risks of injury to property, employees or customers can be minimized.

3) Customers feel anxious

For commercial companies that rely on customers in the store, hiring a security guard can make your customers feel safer and more comfortable. Especially in areas with higher crime rates, customers may often not feel comfortable spending time in the store. This also applies to restaurants, malls or bars. If you notice that your customers may not feel completely safe and comfortable in the store or parking lot, consider hiring a security guard. This will help customers feel protected and safe, encouraging them to visit the location more often.

4) You are concerned about liability or insurance plan

Some commercial and industrial companies pay monthly for very expensive liability insurance policies. This can be the result of several factors, including whether or not you serve alcohol, how much money is available to employees, or what products you sell. However, adding a security guard can reduce your insurance premiums, saving you money every month. Security guards reduce the risk of theft, violence and fire, which can also give you unparalleled peace of mind, along with cost optimization.

For residential, corporate or product buildings, having a security guard on site can help maintain a constant record of activity in the building. If there is a problem somewhere, from the heating system to a locked or defective door, the security guard will probably be one of the first to notice.

Monitoring the activity in the protected objective

  • The security guard can see areas that surveillance cameras cannot fully cover.
  • A security guard monitors existing access control systems, keeps track of people entering and leaving, obtains information about their identity
  • Surveillance cameras store important information but a security guard can monitor video systems and observe attempts to breach security in real time.
  • It can initiate a spontaneous response that offers optimal protection based on judgment and experience. Rapid analysis means a prompt and appropriate response to the situation.
  • A security agent can analyze situations in several sectors simultaneously through the monitoring system;
  • It may simply involve a non-aggressive confrontation with those who do not have access to your location. These analytical skills are a major reason for hiring a security guard.


Profitability and efficiency in your business.

When you use security services with security guards, you will see that the return on investment becomes quite obvious. With the help of a security agent who permanently protects your business investments, you significantly reduce the risk.

In conclusion, use human security monitoring in accordance with available surveillance systems, depending on the needs of your business to ensure that you have a complete security solution that guarantees you the best results.

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