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The Secret to Safety: One of the Best Security Companies in Edinburgh

security companies in Edinburgh

Increasing the safety of your business is not difficult. You just need to select the right security company. At FCS, we offer an extensive range of security services to help protect your business, employees, and visitors.

Use SIA licensed security guards, CCTV systems, and additional solutions to prevent theft and other types of crimes. Discover why we are the preferred choice for security companies Edinburgh!

Comprehensive Security Solutions

Every business has different security concerns, which sometimes requires the use of multiple security services. You can rely on us for all your security needs, thanks to our comprehensive selection of services:

No matter the services you request, you can count on us to provide excellent customer service. We walk you through the selection of security services, assess your property, and provide a free quote without any commitment.

Construction Site Security

Construction sites that are left unmonitored overnight face the greatest risk of property crime, which includes theft and vandalism. Construction site crimes cost the industry over £800 million the previous year and the number is expected to rise.

Lighting and secure fencing may deter some criminals from entering your construction site. However, these methods alone will not stop everyone. If you want superior protection for your costly construction equipment, use security guards, CCTV systems, or a combination of the two.

SIA Licensed Security Guards

We specialise in security guarding services and employ a team of trained security guards. You can hire our security guards for 24/7 patrols, on-site security, and other services. We work with you to develop a security plan that matches the requirements of your property or event. All our security guards are SIA licensed, which means that they have completed the necessary background checks and training to work in private security.

CCTV Systems and Rapid Deployment CCTV

CCTV systems serve several purposes. They help deter crime and allow you to monitor your property remotely. When crimes happen, security cameras can also capture evidence that may be used in court to prosecute the criminals.

All our CCTV systems are monitored 24/7 at our central monitoring centre. If we detect suspicious activity, we immediately deploy a rapid response security guard and can notify the police.

Security for Private or Public Events

When you hold a private or public event, you are responsible for the safety and security of your guests. Hiring security guards can increase the chances of maintaining a safe environment, ensuring that your event proceeds without any issues.

Security for All Types of Properties

Unmonitored properties are more likely to be targeted by criminals. If you have a warehouse, commercial property, or vacant property, consider using CCTV systems or security guards to keep an eye on things.

Our solutions are available for all types of properties and businesses. We can patrol the premises 24/7 or monitor your property remotely using CCTV systems.

Protect Your Business from Theft and Other Crimes 

Edinburgh is a relatively safe city. In fact, crime has decreased by 35% throughout Scotland in the past decade. However, criminal activity should still be a concern for businesses of all types and sizes.

Construction sites, vacant properties, retail stores, and warehouses are some of the most common targets for criminals. Hiring security guards and implementing various security systems protects against crime, reducing your risk of being another statistic. The security of your business is especially important in the following situations:

  • Construction sites in high-crime areas
  • Parking lot safety concerns
  • Increased theft or inventory shrinkage
  • Failure to follow standards or regulations
  • Insurance liability issues

These are just a few of the most common security concerns. However, you do not need an active security concern to hire security companies in Edinburgh or install CCTV systems. Implementing these solutions now can give you a greater sense of security and reduce the risk of crime.

Protection for High-Crime Areas

Overall, Edinburgh is a safe city. However, some areas experience more crime compared to other parts of the city. If your business is in a high crime area, such as some of the streets around Leith, you may need additional protection. Hiring security guards or installing CCTV systems can keep your property safe from vandals or thieves.

Even outside of high crime areas, you may worry about the safety of your parking lot. Thieves and robbers may target individuals walking across a parking lot alone at night. With security patrols or 24/7 security guards, you can maintain the safety of your premises.

Increased Theft or Inventory Shrinkage

Shoplifting and employee theft can cause significant damage to a business. Crime has decreased significantly in Edinburgh in the past decade but the rate of shoplifting remains relatively unchanged. 

Between 2017 and 2018, there were over 30,000 reported cases of shoplifting in Scotland. About 10% of those cases occurred in Edinburgh. The use of CCTV systems and security guards helps deter shoplifting and discourages employees from stealing.

Failure to Follow Standards or Regulations

Not following safety standards or regulations is one of the most common causes of work-related injuries and accidents. Along with discouraging employee theft, the presence of security guards may discourage inappropriate workplace behaviour. Security guards maintain logs and report activities to their employers, helping to enforce compliance with industry standards or government safety regulations.

Hiring security guards may also help you deal with liability issues. For example, after settling a workers’ compensation claim, your insurance provider may stipulate that you increase your safety protocols. We offer multiple services to help you deal with these types of situations. Along with security guards and CCTV systems, we offer biometric access control and fire safety solutions.

Find out how we can optimise the security and safety of your business, event, or warehouse.

Secure Your Premises with Biometric Access Control

Biometric access control systems help secure your premises. It keeps people from entering your site without authorisation, providing extra security compared to other access control methods such as locks, key fobs, or PINs.

Adding a biometric access control system also provides better tracking. You can track the arrival and departure of employees, vendors, suppliers, and any other visitors.

Limit the Risk of Severe Losses with Fire Safety Services

It only takes a few minutes for a fire to cause significant damage to property. A swift response may limit the amount of damage, helping you recover quickly and get your business back on track. We provide reliable solutions to increase the fire safety of your property. Our team has experience assessing the fire safety risks of all types of properties, including commercial buildings, malls, retail stores, warehouses, and more.

Why Choose Us for Your Private Security?

Before you start comparing security companies Edinburgh, contact the experts at FCS. We have served businesses throughout the whole of the UK for more than a decade. We understand the most common security concerns and how to deal with them in the most efficient, affordable manner. You can also count us to deliver the following benefits:

  • We are committed to your satisfaction
  • We service Edinburgh and all the surrounding areas
  • We offer 24/7 security guards for construction sites
  • We offer affordable rates and free quotes

From security guards to CCTV systems or access control systems, if you’re looking for security companies in Edinburgh, choose Firecore Secure. Contact us to discuss your security needs and receive a free quote.

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