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Looking for a Top Security Company in London? Firecore Secure Limited is here for all your security needs.


Firecore Secure Limited is one of the leading security companies in London and the UK and has been serving the London Metropolitan Area for over a decade. We provide professional security guards and modern high-tech security systems to match the security needs of your business.

If you operate a construction site, event venue, large retail outlet, office complex, industrial site, or any other business that requires a secure premise, security is undoubtedly a top priority.

In 2019, over 30,000 crimes against commercial businesses were reported every month in the London Metropolitan Area; a number which has been steadily increasing (Source: Metropolitan Police).

The security of your business is our number one priority. We are a customer-focused security company, and our dedicated staff are on-the-ground to keep your business safe 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Professionally Licensed Security Guards in London

Our highly trained and experienced security guards make up the heart of our service. All Firecore Secure Limited security guards in London are SIA licensed and have completed our rigorous training and screening process. All are highly experienced, and many have worked in security for over a decade. 

Beyond keeping your site safe from unwanted visitors, our security guards are trained to detect and respond to every potential threat to your business. We train our security guards in responding to threats including trespassing, criminal activity, fire, flooding, and electrical hazards.

In addition to the presence of round-the-clock manned security on your site, all businesses protected by our security services in London also have access to our mobile security patrol. With this service, your site will remain protected 24/7 by our highly trained security guards. Even if you don’t require a physical presence of security guards on your site around-the-clock, our mobile security patrol will monitor all surveillance systems and be on-site to respond to a threat within minutes. 

Professional Security Services Meet State of the Art Technology

All FCS-secured sites are protected 24/7 by our state-of-the-art security technology systems. With our wireless HD CCTV cameras, every corner of your site will monitored around the clock. FCS’s highly trained security professionals monitor all security cameras 24 hours a day via HD footage sent to our central office. If a potential threat is detected, FCE mobile security guards will be dispatched immediately. 

At Firecore Secure Limited, we understand the importance of keeping track of who’s accessing your site. With our Biometric Access Control System, you’ll have complete control to automatically manage who can (and who can’t) enter your site. The systems run entirely unmanned and collect data 24/7 so that you will be constantly aware of everyone entering and exiting your site. FCE clients have access to our online system, where controlled access data is updated and visible in real-time.

Our Biometric Access Control System operates using world-class machine learning and biometric technology. Forget relying on your staff to carry RFID smart cards to work every day; our system can perform facial recognition, iris recognition, vein recognition, and fingerprint recognition. Our engineers and technicians are among the top experts in security technology in the UK and take pride in ensuring the smooth operation of FCE security technology at all FCE-secured sites. We are proud to be one of the few security companies in London that can provide this level of high-tech security services.

Security Against All Hazards

Many security companies in London devote energy to securing sites against trespassing and other criminal activities while ignoring the many non-human threats that could put a business in jeopardy. Firecore Secure Limited is proud to go the extra mile and provide security services for every potential hazard.

One of the biggest potential hazards to a business is fire. And early detection is key; if left undetected even the smallest fire can lead to millions of pounds in damages, not to mention injury and even loss of life.

In 2019 there were 17,993 fires reported in the London Metropolitan Area; with the central boroughs of Westminster and Camden reporting the highest numbers (Source: London Datastore).

Security Companies in London

Firecore Secure Limited provides high-tech fire alarm systems that can be custom-built to match the potential fire hazards of every business. Our fire alarms work together with a high-tech system of smoke and heat detectors to detect a fire before it becomes visible to the human eye. All data from our systems is automatically collected in our central database, so that any triggering event such as a drill, real fire, or false alarm, can be carefully reviewed for quality assurance.

FCE’s fire security systems are set up, tested, and monitored by a team of experienced professional fire technicians. All of our fire technicians are FIA-certified and can spot and prepare for all potential fire hazards at your site. After setting up the system, our technicians will also perform tests, inspections, and provide regular maintenance of your site’s fire security system. Even a perfect system is not complete without a human presence. This is why Firecore Limited security guards in London are also trained in the proper use of our fire alarm systems and how to respond to them quickly.

Our fire alarm systems are constantly modified to be compliant with all UK government fire regulations, including BS EN54 and HSG168. With Firecore Secure Limited, you’ll know that your business is not only protected from the risk of a fire – but also a hefty fine from a London Fire Brigade inspection.

A Professional Security Service for Every Business

Firecore Secure Limited is a leading security company in London, providing professional security guards and high-tech electronic security services to all types of businesses in the Greater London Area. Our company is well known all over the UK for providing top quality services, including but not limited to:

  • Construction site security
  • Retail security 
  • Event security
  • K9 security unit
  • Industrial security 
  • Warehouse security 
  • Airport security 
  • Corporate security 
  • Concierge security 
  • Educational and school security
  • Energy and natural resources security

Firecore Secure Limited is proud to be one of the only security companies in London that can provide such a wide variety of security services at such a high standard. We take pride in our security services meeting all UK and international standards for professional-grade site security.

Our services and staff are completely adaptable to meet the security needs of your business. As a customer-focused security company, we train our security guards and technicians to provide the security service that your business needs. Whether it’s event gate security, mobile security, security guards for a construction site, or a combination of any of our services, Firecore Secure always guarantees customer satisfaction. 

At Firecore Secure Limited, we hold the customer service that we provide in the highest regard. As a valued FCS customer, you will be constantly in touch with our security guards and staff to ensure that your security needs are constantly being attended to. If you’re working with one of the best security companies in London, you can rest assured that the safety of your business is taken care of by top professionals.

Affordable Prices for Your Business

We understand that finding top-grade security services at an affordable price is not always easy. However, we understand that doing business in London is expensive, and not every business has the budget for an expensive security service. Firecore Secure Limited is proud to provide our professional-grade security services in London at affordable rates to best protect all London businesses large and small.

Get in touch today and let us know your security needs and we will provide you with a free quote for our services. 

Click here to request a free quote.

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