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Security company vs. Own employees security agents

Security company vs. Own employees security agents

You have a successful business and you have reached the point where you realize that security is needed for your business, but you have not decided whether to hire a security company, or hire your own security agents. Of course, both solutions have both advantages and disadvantages and both generate a number of costs. But, choosing to collaborate with a security company can prove more profitable in the long run.

The hiring process

Regardless of the position you want to occupy within your company, the whole hiring process can be long and expensive. From posting the job announcement and promoting it, selecting candidates, time spent with interviews, all this involves allocating material, financial and human resources to find security agents who partially or fully meet the employment requirements and have the necessary training for fulfilling the attributions.


If you choose to have your own employees as security agents, you must take into account all the costs you have with salaries, taxes and fees related to salaries and other increases that you have to pay. A company that provides such security and protection services, instead, will manage all these costs, and all you have to do is pay the value you negotiated in the contract.

Legal leave

Full-time employees need free time in the form of leave. The security company deals with the leave of the security agents, without you having to worry about finding a person to cover the employee on leave, or even paying the overtime of the agents who replace the shift of the colleague on leave.


New employees need training before starting their activity. Whether it is your own employee, or subcontracted by another company, there will always be costs associated with staff training.

The security service provider assumes all the costs of the training, and you only pay the amount established in the contract.

Uniform and equipment

Once you have hired security agents, you will need uniforms, footwear and equipment suitable for security. This means that your company will have costs with their acquisition for each agent. The security company, on the other hand, will ensure that the agents show up at the station, fully equipped, at no additional cost.

Hiring security guards comes with a lot of costs attached, some of which may not be so obvious at first glance. While the rates for providing security and protection services may vary from one provider to another, these, once established and accepted by signing a contract, will remain the same for the entire period of validity of the contract.

And of course, there is an additional benefit to associating with a security provider: they are experts in the field

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